Is Presearch Going to the Moon?

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 6 Sep 2021

Presearch had some big news recently. Here it is:

“This week we announced that Presearch is listed by Google as a default search engine option on all new and factory-reset Android devices across the Europe Union. With hundreds of millions of devices sold each year, nearly 70% of smartphone owners in Europe use Android’s operating system. Now these users will easily be able to unlock the power of Presearch’s private, blockchain-powered search engine right from their phones.”

The team at Presearch has been working very hard for years and that hard work is finally paying off. The charts are showing this as well:



Many of us signed up for Presearch earlier this year and were excited about it. Then we realized that it took a long time to make enough progress doing simple searches to make any profit, especially with Presearch’s high withdrawal limit. However, now that Presearch is making a bit of noise around the world and with Google, the PRE token is starting to take off. After a huge surge, it pulled back to a stable area just within the last couple of weeks. Now it is poised to continue to build on its gains and move forward. The pullback was necessary with such a huge surge in value.

If you are like me and decided that Presearch might not be worth the effort, it might be time to get back in. Don't worry, your tokens are still there. If you have not signed up for Presearch, now is the time. If Presearch continues to expand its operations around the world and become more popular, it is likely just a matter of time before their token becomes worth even more.

How does it work? Every time you search, you earn a fraction of a token. With ten searches, you earn one PRE token, which is currently worth about 20 cents or more. This can add up, but in order to withdraw you have to earn 1000 tokens. This is a lot and will take some time, but if you keep Presearch browser open all the time, you can definitely get there with persistence and have a nice pay day in the end. Most Google users do about 1200 searches per month. Just switch to Presearch and get paid to search.

Presearch also has a staking option. I have a few words staked. In order to do this, you will need to buy some PRE tokens and deposit them in your account at Presearch. This is fairly easy to do. Instructions are on the site if you are interested. The way this works is you stake a word, link it to a site to which you want to drive traffic, and watch your site grow. I am currently doing this with a personal website as well as a crypto earning site for the purpose of affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have the funds to do staking with Presearch, you can easily earn free tokens just by doing simple searches. And for those of you in Europe, you have it even easier now.

The Presearch team says that this is just the beginning. They write:

"While the recent increases are nice, we believe that Presearch hasn't even scratched the surface of what we will ultimately become, and there are some huge releases coming in the months ahead."

They do have some exciting plans for the future and their efforts are certainly gaining traction. Of course, as always, buy, sell, and trade at your own risk.

You can sign up for Presearch here.

The Lynx

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