Faucets are Paying Double or More Right Now!

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 23 May 2021

What goes down, must come up, right? At least with the case of crypto, we all hope so. There is always risk and uncertainty with any kind of speculative trading of any kind of asset. However, there is something you can do that is low stress, no risk, and comes with a reward. Introducing Faucet Season.

This is the best time in a long time to get into faucets. I noticed as soon as Bitcoin and altcoins took their steep tumble that all the faucets are paying more. In most cases, they are paying double or triple what they were just a couple of weeks ago. Therefore, while we are in wait and see mode with cryptocurrency, we can actually improve our positions a little bit in preparation for the next bull market. While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins like Ampleforth, Link, and Polkadot are having a hard time, the faucets are giving us an opportunity to get a little bit back and improve some of our positions.

About a month ago, before all this happened, I started a little web project in which I put together the highest paying legit faucets and related sites. The fact is, there are many scam sites and so-called crypto miners and faucets that will steal your information and you get nothing in return. I have read countless reviews and spent a great deal of time researching these faucets to find the best of the best. Of course, they are all referral links. That is how I hope to pay for this project. Most of them will give you a bonus for using them. Some of them require a referral.

Visit www.cryptolynx.co to see what I am working on. This project is in its early stages. I would be glad to get some constructive criticism from fellow Publish0x writers.

The apps I feature are all legit paying sites or exchanges. I have withdrawn from each of them, other than the two phone miners, Pi and PHO. Pi’s project is still in a relatively early phase. PHO, which is short for Phoneum, is a lot of fun. There are games in which you can earn crypto that are linked to the Phoneum app. I know of others that have withdrawn from Phoneum.

Although I have found Bitcoin Aliens’ games to be a complete waste of time, there are two faucets (Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash) that these folks created that you can put on your phone that pay quite well. I have noticed that the Litoshis and Satoshis, the miniscule cousins of Litecoin and Bitcoin, are piling up pretty quickly right now. These two mobile faucets are great because they pay out automatically once a week. You just have to have your wallet info ready when you open the account.

I have also continued to benefit from some other faucets like Cointiply, all of which you can read on www.cryptolynx.co.

Here is a sure way to earn crypto with these apps:

1. Keep your expectations in check.

2. Be consistent with them each day (or at least most days).

3. Do some of the offers and/or surveys.

None of these are "get-rich-quick" schemes. In fact, I can all but promise you that you will not get rich on them unless you have a very aggressive and . systematic approach with tons of referrals. But right now is the best time in a long time to run these faucets because you can actually accumulate double or more the crypto in comparison to what they were paying just a few weeks ago; and, if what goes down goes back up, well, you could make some decent money.


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