Announcing My First NFT Collection on Open Sea

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 25 Aug 2021

I am an artist. I have never really promoted my stuff. It is more of a hobby and a love to create than anything else. I have been in art shows and won a few awards throughout the years. I also directed a music and art school for about six years, so I do have some experience. Yet, I would not necessarily call myself a full-time professional artist. Although I have sold a few pieces here and there, I have not pursued making serious income with my art, until now.

Everyone in the crypto world is familiar with NFT’s. The growth and acceptance of NFT’s over the past year has truly been staggering. I for one, began reading about and studying NFT’s quite a while ago. At first, I felt like my kind of art wasn’t what was in demand. After all, I am mostly an acrylic on canvas kind of artist. I needed to go digital. Therefore, I bought some software and went to work practicing my new hobby.

My strategy is this: Create NFT's that are also good art--the kind of art that someone can print and frame and hang on their wall (and of course still own the actual NFT). I know the digital collections are often filled with simple cartoony images. These sell too. But that is not me. I think to be successful in anything, you have to stick with things about which you are passionate. We will see how it goes long-term. I will post updates on my NFT journey on Publish0x and give advice as I learn more along the way.

Mother Nature Abstract 2

As of the time of this publication, I have bids on four out of five of my pieces in this collection for what would amount to about $1500 in Ether after gas fees. This may be a bit of beginner's luck. I went ahead and accepted one bid just to test the process out and I received my funds in the form of wrapped Ether within minutes. Check out the link to my collection here:

Mother Nature and Father TIme Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets

If you would like to get involved, but are not an artist, you can make profit as a collector. People buy and sell on the Open Sea Marketplace all the time. You can bid on one of my pieces or another NFT on Open Sea if you have Ethereum. You could then add to your own collection and turn around and list it to be resold. Just make sure you are doing original pieces. Do not simply find images on the internet and "tweak" them. You can get in trouble for that.  

People are selling NFT's for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crypto. Of course, the vast majority of items do not sell for nearly that much. Many, perhaps most, do not sell at all. There are a lot of people just pumping junk into their own collections and promoting it. It is interesting though to see what sells and what catches fire. One fella’s junk is another’s treasure I suppose. Sometimes it is about good art. Other times it is about a trend or something that resonates with people. In some cases, it just seems to come down to good marketing. Things will take off for no apparent reason, but when they do, and a demand is created, people can make serious money.

If you have an interest in creating, selling, collecting, re-selling NFT's, follow me and I will share more about my journey.

As always, buy, sell, trade, and exchange at your own risk.

The Lynx


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The Lynx
The Lynx

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Crypto Lynx

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