Scientific Breakthrough - Unlimited Clean Energy

Scientific Breakthrough - Unlimited Clean Energy

By Jay Layman | RussellianScience | 25 Jul 2019

Is there knowledge that will allow us to utilize the fundamental forces of the universe?

Can a technological breakthrough enable clean and globally abundant energy, water, food, and transportation? 

Yes! This article is to prove that not only has this breakthrough already been made, but that universal causes are familiar and simple enough for even children to recognize.


It seems that the only reason we aren’t already utilizing this stupendous potential is because it remains unacknowledged by publicly funded institutions. This is NOT a good reason.

Measuring effects has gotten us only so far. Effects are even more abundant than the contradicting theories attempting to explain them.

Dr. Walter Bowman Russell, the genius of the 20th century, used familiar examples to describe fundamental universal causes.



The principle that remains true of every scenario, event, process, and product of the entire physical universe is the law of opposites.

Everything is generating/decaying, contracting/expanding, acidic/alkaline, inbreathing/outbreathing, cold/hot, light/dark, attracting/repelling, plus/minus, etc. Everything has a period of generation and then decay, from people to stars.

It is accepted that light is a wave.  Also, that fusion is naturally happening in atoms, solar systems, and galaxies.

There is no light/particles/energy in the universe that is not wave motion and there is no wave motion that is not either departing from equilibrium into opposite conditions, or returning to equilibrium from opposing conditions.


Waves are balanced, orderly, and cyclic:

We observe the same ratios repeating in all waves, including the octave scale, the color spectrum, solar systems, etc. Also known as the golden ratios, Fibonacci sequence or phi, this is one of nature’s most obvious displays of the mechanically dependable nature of the universe.

Following are some familiar observations to clear up the confusion regarding fusion, electricity, matter, gravity, magnetism, atomic structure, and more:

It must be mentioned here that the word attract means to attract and the word repel means to repel. Attracting forces are further condensing and integrating, -attracting, while repelling conditions are further expanding and dissipating -repelling.


Newton’s Misunderstanding:

Newton, seeing a condensed condition of matter in the form of an apple falling (attracting) to earth, was witnessing condensed substances further integrating. The inevitable equal reaction however, was not accounted for. The apple later dis-integrated and rose as a gas going in the opposite direction. This observation of cause and effect would have avoided much confusion.



The earth’s hydrological (rain) cycle is an easily observable example of gravity, and its equal interchange.

We know water vapor condenses in the relatively cold atmosphere where it changes from an expanded vapor into the more compacted condition of water drops. The earth is also a condensed/compacted/integrating condition. They merge, the relatively small rain drops doing most of the travelling.

Later, the opposite half of the cycle takes place. Vaporizing water leaves the planet, traveling in the opposite direction to where its similar evacuated condition is found in the clouds.

Everything must perpetually breath in and out including planets, waves, people, etc.


The Unrecognized Difference Between Mass and Weight:

The total mass of the water drop remains the same throughout the cycle. Only it’s volume changes. When mass is spread out, its expanded form rises as a gas. That gas/vapor in its expanded condition has negative weight in relation to the planet. As the gas re-condenses into a drop, it’s weight again increases.

It is the condition and location of a specified amount of mass which determines its weight.


Coulomb’s Incorrect “Law”

Coulomb’s “law” states that opposites attract.

The phrase itself “opposites attract” is fundamentally flawed. The word opposite means to oppose. The word attract means to attract. Opposites oppose, and attractants attract. If everything attracts, then what do things that repel and oppose do?

A good example of opposition is to polarize a steel bar. The north/south forces will separate (oppose) as far as they can. If the forces attracted, the poles would be found in the middle of the bar which wouldn’t really then be polarized.


Electricity and the Behavior of Magnets:

The reason the opposite poles of two magnets will strongly come together is because the motion of a magneto-electric force is in the shape of a vortex. The spiraling motion of opposite “threads” causes them to integrate like a nut and bolt.


As magnets come together their energy is “short circuited” at the point of contact, allowing the opposing forces to extend to their new limits. The two magnets have then fused, becoming two parts of one magnet.  


Solar/Atomic Behavior:

Universal force is responsible for the creation of matter, regardless of size. Universal motion grows and decays in the ratios of a vortex. Another example is  "Kepler's law of area's", which shows that each planet sweeps out the same area in the same amount of time. Mercury, being the closest, must orbit its sun/nucleus many times compared to its neighbors. 

Understanding and recreating the conditions of this natural process (fusion) will be very useful. 

An integrating effect doubles its potential in an orderly sequence until its maximum integrated amplitude is reached. The wave's generative potential then halves in the same ratios back to 0.


Doubling in 1, 2, and 3 Dimensions:


(Image from Walter Russell, The Universal One) 

Looking at the top two blocks it can be seen that:

1 doubled in one dimension is 2. (X2)

1 doubled it in two dimensions is 4. (X4)

1 doubled in three dimensions is 8. (X8)

This uniform doubling/halving, pressurizing/depressurizing, is the natural process of wave motion.

The nature of electricity to strongly charge, then strongly discharge can be replicated in simple devices to perform work.


Big Bang – Theory

Concentrations of energy unwinding and dissipating are an observable fact, but so are birth, integration, and growth. We can’t witness anything disintegrating which hasn’t first (often invisibly) integrated.

Beliefs that rely on theory, faith, and magic will give way to true scientific understanding.

The expanding effect of a “Bang” is the reaction of an integration. It is the depressurizing process of a wave, a galaxy, an electric charge, or a person.


Wave Motion:

A wave is the result of a disturbance in equilibrium. A three-dimensional wave emerges from disturbing the still, two-dimensional surface. It is the product of two exactly balancing opposite conditions. (Trough/Crest) It begins at a 0 degrees, horizontal plane of stillness, then increases in potential until reaching maximum potential at 90 degrees from where it began, then gradually returns to equilibrium for repeating.  

Everything in-breathes and out-breathes, lives, dies, and is reborn.






Anything dissipated enough becomes invisible, substance that is condensed enough however, becomes luminous.



The Russell table identifies the elements as the locations of stepped-up pressure points within a vortex/wave.


Sub-Atomic Particles:

Matter/waves gradually integrate form zero into the condensed conditions at which we can more easily observe them. (Hydrogen) 


Negative Electricity Misunderstanding:

A surplus of charge and its balancing condition of evacuated dis-charge are the two opposite conditions of one thing – electricity.


Protons and Electrons Misunderstanding: 

A singly charged particle is impossible.

Obviously, no planet is made of purely one charge alone. Neither therefore is an electron. Suns are being cooled by their surrounding environment. Everything heating is simultaneously cooling and even at absolute zero temperature motion is found.


Thermodynamics Misunderstanding:

If it were possible for energy to exist in only one direction such as disintegrating, outbreathing, or dying, and if it was possible for this to take place in a truly sealed environment, then maybe the thermodynamic theory would apply? (Silly)


Charging/Discharging Depends on Perspective:

From the sun, its rays are radiating and cooling, on earth the same rays are warming and charging. Outgoing and incoming are merely points of reference.


Zero Point Energy:

The still centering Force responsible for a division into two opposite conditions of motion. Awareness, knowledge, and the code in a seed are all examples of knowable, but unmeasurable points of zero motion. Electrical thought waves are produced in the physical brain from a Source of non-motion.



Every new understanding has led to both new tools and new weapons. If we continue to fund armies and build weapons, this leap in technology will surely destroy us. If instead of armies, the same resources are put into building infrastructure, humanity can flourish.

Maybe blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies can help bring about the necessary cooperation.



The only way that we are going to evolve further as a species is by understanding universal cause and effect, including the law of karma. – Peace.








Jay Layman
Jay Layman

- Futurist/Optimist -


A scientific breakthrough enabling globally abundant energy, water, food, and transportation. Fusion, electricity, matter, dark matter, gravity, magnetism, atomic structure, and more explained in simple terms.

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