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Scientific Breakthrough - Unlimited Clean Energy

25 Jul 2019 6 minute read Lucky Jay $0.92 tipped

Is there knowledge that will allow us to utilize the fundamental forces of the universe? Can a technological breakthrough enable clean and globally abundant energy, water, food, and transportation?  Yes! This article is to prove that not only has thi...

7 Reasons Why NANO is The Best Currency in the World

19 Jul 2019 1 minute read Lucky Jay $1.67 tipped

NANO can make all of these claims which are essential to a truly liberating and efficient means of exchange.  Fast Feeless Green Decentralized Borderless Limited Supply Simple to Use FAST:                         NANO transactions average under 2...

ENJIN, a Digital Paradigm Shift

19 Jul 2019 2 minute read Lucky Jay $1.50 tipped

One of the most promising and complete blockchain projects in my opinion is the ENJIN gaming platform. It has opened an entirely new realm of digital potential. Their unparalleled level of integrated tools, along with their partnerships with Samsung,...

The Advantages of NANO and ENJIN

11 Jul 2019 1 minute read Lucky Jay $0.10 tipped

The advantages of NANO over Bitcoin and traditional currencies: NANO is fast, feeless, energy efficient, and simple to use. Bitcoin is not. NANO is the first truly useful and efficient global currency in recorded history. Using a free mobile phone ap...