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$TELCOIN - What is it, where is it heading and how do I get some?

By Rusks | Rusks | 19 Jan 2021


Telcoin is a cryptocurrency based on the well known Ethereum blockchain, fully decentralised and accepted by telecom operators worldwide allowing users to send money to other users around the world. 

The major selling point for this coin is the reach that is available for users. According to Datareportal there are currently 5.2 billion unique mobile phone users in the world, that's two thirds of the worlds population!

We have all used our phones at some point to transfer money to people, either to pay part of a bill, buy a coffee or just to send money to family overseas. As a result we have all encountered the costs that come with this. Sending $500 USD to the UK via MoneyGram costs you $35 in fees! 

Telcoin is listed as costing a maximum of 2% per transfer, regardless of location! The potential savings this would have is remarkable. I regularly send money to family and if I was able to save $25 per transfer, this would mean that in a year I could have an additional $300 to send! This is only my example, I know of others that would save a lot more each year with the reduced fees.


They are releasing apps for iPhones and Androids soon where usage will begin, at which point I would expect the price to increase following transferring between users becoming available. This is definitely going to be the turning point for this coin and I wouldn't be surprised if the price rose sharply shortly afterwards.

Currently purchasing Telcoin is available on quite a few exchanges, the main one being KuCoin. It's paired with USDT, BTC, ETH.

The current price does vary while adoption does become more popular but it's definitely one of the up and coming cryptocurrencies that I'm keeping my eye on and obtaining when I can. I'm also taking advantage of the price volatility by trading it to increase my balance for the future.

I'll talk more about trading in another post where I can go into more detail but it's definitely something I recommend to those that have the time to spend on it.


Hopefully you've learned a little about this coin and where it is heading and if you're interested in learning more about it, definitely check out the Telcoin website where you can also join the telegram channel


Thank you for reading through this and give Telcoin a go if it appeals to you!

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