The easy way to earn money?

By Rupanshu kumar | Rupanshu-kumar | 17 Jul 2023


Hello guys, 

Look at the market frauds that guarantees a passive income and a bright futures  but end up taking your money as a course seller. 

There are lots of course seller in the market that manipulates you and your insecurities by promising you a high return with just small effort and end up selling you a courses. 

Their is a simple rule in the that all beginners like me need to follow that there is simple way to get successful it just hard will and hard work that made you a successful overnight that takes many years . 


How to get rid of these fraud. 

All they came to you through social media and other interaction platforms that shows themselves as advisers, financial experts, do podcast amd many more things.

They manipulate that they are starting a revolution to change the situation and grow the man from poverty to financially independent and have a limited amount of seats to train cause we are out of services, out of time or any other excuse . 

But the reality thay they only want you join as many as possible to sell their so called life changing course, that can make you financially independent, after all this they all get money mad we end up bening scammed by a shit certificate that never gonna benefit us. 


 There are some the lines they use to manipulate like :-

  • See you on the other side. 
  • Matrix is everywhere. 
  • System is corrupt. 
  • They don't want you to success. 
  • All they want 9-5 workers. 


Stay away from them they are all working hard to steal your money by using your emotion to end up being poor. 


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That's all for today guys. 

Thanks for reading.

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Rupanshu kumar
Rupanshu kumar

From Small Beginnings Come Great Things.


From Small Beginnings Come Great Things.

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