AI cryptocurrency: Is it simply a hype?

By Rupanshu kumar | Rupanshu-kumar | 5 Aug 2023


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Let's talk about the downtrend of A.I. Crypto, which was at its peak at some point.
A.I, or Artificial intelligence, is a technology that is roaring in the market right now, from Chat-GPT to Bing and many other A.I that do tasks so easily, from video editing to script writing and many others. Yeah, I basically write about content-creating tasks, but all the work that a human does on a computer can be done easily by AI. Just a command, and your work is done.
That's bringing a new type of crypto currency to the market known as A.I Crypto, a promising project that allows you to invest in the revolutionary technology of A.I -powered data monetization.

Some popular projects are as follows:
The Graph: GRT, or graph, is currently at $0.1061 with a downtrend of 18.31% in the last month and a market cap of around $964.76 million. $1.15 billion shows that people are moving away from them, or it's just the effects of the 2023 recession.
Singularity Net: AGIX is a decentralised A.I. token currently at $0.2081, with a downtrend of about 19.83% in the last month from a market cap of $336.71 million to $255.43 million. The price is relatively stable, but the market cap has seen a big drop.
I can't say that it's the end, but it could be the time when people are really moving on from these kinds of projects, and that's clearly seen with a big drop in market cap.

But still, it's got potential that I think can boom in the future.


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Rupanshu kumar
Rupanshu kumar

From Small Beginnings Come Great Things.


From Small Beginnings Come Great Things.

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