Sunday morning trash out run

Sunday morning, at 8 am. It was time to do the most important thing first.

GO for a run!



I took the right ridge above the Magpie's Valley. After 3.33 kilometers I reached the point of contemplation. The well-known monument to Cene Štupar Matevž, a local partisan boy who gave his life during WW2 so we can now live in freedom.

Since my last visit the letters have anew coloring and there is an additional wreath laid by the plaque. It's from the neighboring veterans' organization of Trzin.

Thank you very much, comrades!





Going on towards the village of Rašica I found a pink doggy sack and picked it up. Thus started my today's mission.

#rito or Run In Trash Out

This merits a separate article and a new blog area.

We, humans, are such filthy bastards. We litter everywhere and everything. This must stop. The root cause must stop too - overproduction.

The sack before I deposited it in the trashbin.

Dear Deer

Last important outtake from the run, these beautiful creatures. A family of deer.

In a luxury prison.

This has to stop too!

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The @pinmapple peg marks the location of Cene Štupar monument.

All the physical activity data that I display reports is gathered with the help of Coros Pace sports watch and displayed with Coros app.

Better and better

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Running Adventures of a Streak Runner
Running Adventures of a Streak Runner

What is a 'streak runner', you might ask? It is a person who runs every day. In my case, two miles is a minimum. I've been doing this stunt for 502 days already, since July the 3rd 2019. On that fine day, I decided it's better to run every day and be happy than to run occasionally and be grumpy. YOu are welcome to follow me and my runs. Every day if you wish :)

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