Untold Story: Teenage love Story

By RuffaRuf | Ruffa's Photography | 4 Feb 2021

Fourth day of February, this is the month of Love right? Base on the research, the months of February is the time where all of the Hotel and Motels are all full and the people who want to check-in is hindi magkamayaw. But I was just kidding lol.

I don't plan to publish an article today actually, but I just suddenly remember something from my past. I can't stop myself from thinking about my past so let's take a walk down memory lane, this just came into my mind. The memory that I am trying so hard to forget,the memory that I don't want to remember and don't want to go back. But I am also just kidding lol, it is not a bad memory really. I'm just messing with you all and also to make this article longer from blabbing and blabbing nonsense thought lol.

Anyway, this is about my secret love affair to, let's call him Kun. When I say secret love affair, what's the first thought that comes to your mind? Did you thought that I had an affair to a married man? Or I become a mistress of big time man? But I'm sure you never thought of that, but did you? Lol.

Okay let's be serious na.

Let me share to you first the type of guy that I like when I was on high school. I have so many crushes when I was on high school, I already share some of them here I even gave them a code name together with my bestfriend lol. But this particular one is, well I still remember him but it's very vague. And the memory that mark on my mind was my "Kagagahan" that time and not really him lol.

Kun was 2 years older than me in age, he's also ahead of me of 1 year in high school. He's cute, with curly hair, he's also chubby. I really like the chubby type of guy that time, in my mind I want to cuddle them and poke his fats in his stomach he's just really cute lol. His not the only one who is chubby that I had a crush on, there is also that Pattt he's my classmate naman. But he's not belong in this story, I'm just sharing it to you lol.

I can't really remember if I was 14 or 15 year old that time. We are both a member of one Clan, you know that right? He's my school mate but he's 1 year ahead of me. He is also a friend of my brother. Also, I had a huge crush of him. We also become a friend and then become a couple. But it's just between him and me, no one knows about it but just us I don't want others to know it.

My reason? I am afraid of my Mom, I already mention this on my previous article. I have so much fear to her that's why I am hiding ny relationship to Kun even in my friends I am hiding it. Coz you know, if more people knows about it there's a chance that this can also get to my Mom and that would be a disaster. I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend yet, but I defy her order lol.

My phone that time was a 3310 nokia. What I hate to that phone is the backlight. I can't hide it to my Mom when I want to communicate with Kun coz I'm sure she'll be sceptic to me. Aside from the backlight is the keypad, the keypad is so annoying. I really want to chat with him until 10 PM but I can't coz they will hear the sound of the keypad. Not the keypad tone okay but the sound when you touch the keypad, if you own a 3310 before I'm sure you'll understand me lol.

Our relationship is okay, it's still undiscovered and we are just communicating tru text. And he really like to meet with me on our free time but I just can't say yes to it. I am still afraid and I'm also shy, gahhh. You know, whenever our eyes will met and when we accidentally bumps into each other, I just want to run from him coz I am really shy.

I can't remember if how long we've been together but I think it's just a month. Our relationship didn't last long, I'm the one who ended it. I had too, I am just too ashame for myself that's why I come up with that decision. And my love, wait I'm not even sure if I really love him. What is love anyway? If someone ask me a question that time, I'm sure I can't answer it.

The reason why I end our relationship was because.....

To be Continued

I will share the next chapter tomorrow. I hope you enjoy reading it and HAPPY THURSDAY!!!

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