The New Generation of Brazilians NFT Artists

DISCOVER NOW: The New Generation of Brazilians NFT Artists

By Roney Laurent | roneylaurent | 6 May 2021

Do you know Brazil and its talents from cryptoart? 

You need to know that the largest country in South America has much more than carnival, samba and soccer. Our country is complete and there are great professionals in technology, art, music, gastronomy, business, astronomy, quantum physics, mathematics and much more.

The Latin American culture is linked to beliefs, folklore and we are a mixture of races and peoples. We believe that we can conquer the world, so we work hard to make it happen.

In addition, the NFT's boom was consolidated due to the immense capital locked on DeFi protocols reaching $ 78.47 billion at the time of this article was written. You who arrived here on the blog and don't know what the NFT’s “movement” , I’ll start from the beginning to facilitate your understanding.

NFT is tokenized digital art, so they are arts in a digital environment (such as videos, music, GIFs and memes, for example) that are registered in smart contracts on the blockchain (the most popular are the protocols of the Ethereum, BSC and Tezos).

Therefore, NFTs can be traded and the creator receives royalties for his works. Clearly, it positively helps those involved in negotiation, choosing the platform, marketing, distributing, creating, buying and selling.

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I have the job of contributing positively so that everyone understands a little more about our culture, skills and creativity. Read on to meet notable brazilian artists who are minting their extremely valuable NFT’s!

1. Nino Arteiro

The Brazilian cryptoartist has been working with art per many years. Currently, he works only with art. Nino Arteiro is a remarkable artist who draws, paints, develops electronic music, creates digital art, photography and much more.

According to the artist, his work has references from Aelita, Basquiat, Banksy, Vik Muniz, Picasso and several other legendary artists. Access the artist's website here and learn more.

2. Yot

Thiago Souza a.k.a ''Yot'' is a NFT Artist, located in the city of Taubaté - Sao Paulo - Brazil. Thiago started in design market at the age of 12, knowing photoshop and learning more and more and nowadays he has experience also other software such as Illustrator and After Effects working with commissions.

With 17 years old, Yot got to know the world of crypto arte, fascinated by this, Thiago put his first piece of art on sale at the Foundation, named "Ex_Machina", still available for offers, his art brings an important meaning to his life, as his favorite film ''Ex_Machina'' has a futuristic design, shown on his NFT.

Yot has a great affection for this art, due to the fact that the process of creating and developing the art was at a happy moment in his life, having good energy in his NFT, Yot is selling his first cryptoart for 0.5 ETH, currently ($ 1,763.53).

3. Vamoss

Vamoss is an artist-programmer and Chief Technology Officer at SuperUber since 2011. He integrates content, hardware, software, design and architecture to develop unique projects.

Designer and economist is very engaged with the community of Brazilian artist-programmers to create the Encontros Digitais, a space for learning in art and new technologies.

Get to know Vamoss' work here.

4. Poliwog

The psychedelic electronic music artist and producer, Poliwog strongly believes in the freedom provided by NFTs in his industry, but realizes that it can become an opportunity to generate different art perception for his audience. For sure, you need to check out Poliwog's audio, video and design works.

How Much Does a Brazilian CryptoArt Price?

The prices of cryptoarts are very relative, after all, the perceptions regarding the value that something provides in life is individual.

In this way, auctions in NFT Art marketplaces are popular, this has helped several artists and independent professionals. Some have sold thousands, millions of dollars. 

You can be sure that cryptoart is something new, disruptive and that changes the way people see the possibility of acquiring the possession of a tokenized digital asset. The perception is unique and of course the community makes total sense so that everything happens in the right way.

What's the future of digital art?

Clearly, the future of digital art is very promising, so we can see that technological advancement and all the different opportunities on the market provide unique experiences for digital art artists. I recommend that you get to know the artists mentioned above and study more about NFT.

What's your opinion about everything?

Please share your point of view in the comments, let’s learn more about NFT, cryptocurrency and smart contracts. The emergent market is growing a lot and everyone needs to understand the risks, advantages and opportunities.

Let’s learn together in the comments.

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