Smart Actions with Crypto Assets

7 Intelligent Actions to Work With Digital Assets

By Roney Laurent | roneylaurent | 13 Apr 2021

#1 The Foundation of Success

The Foundation of Success

Initially, you can get up off the couch and start looking for knowledge, learning from whitepapers, communities, videos and official networks for each project. For sure, you will gain a lot of knowledge on your research journey. In addition, putting knowledge into practice helps a lot. Go to, for example. Start by taking the first steps, but with wisdom, confidence and security. That way, you will be more antifragile in the face of opportunities and risks.

Studying the fundamentals is important to get clarity in your actions in the face of market volatility. Thus, you will understand the real principles that contributed to the rise of Bitcoin and decentralized technologies. Therefore, the fundamentals must never be ignored, always use reliable sources. Keep reading my blog!

Know how to interpret the information cunningly, read and reread as many times as necessary, be a person engaged in the community, and contribute to the learning of others. In this way, you will create a dignified, fair journey and an epic legacy.

#2 Studies and Reading


Undoubtedly, reading is something very pleasurable, which makes us realize an alternative universe of possibilities and discoveries. Developing the habit of reading is extremely beneficial for our professional development and as human beings. Always read by clicking here.

The new School of New York study shows that those who read fiction have developed more empathy. "Understanding the mental state of other people is an important skill in the social aspect and is part of any human society", says the study.

Certainly, reading collaborates immensely to our learning process, clearly, to venture into the cryptocurrency and digital assets market works in the same way. For this reason, constant reading, experiments, and research add positive charges to your cultural and intellectual background. Science can always bring up details that may be hidden. Be analytical, detail-oriented, and understand the fine print in more depth. Careful reading helps a lot. According to a researcher at the Brain Institute (InsCer) and professor at the School of Health and Life Sciences, Augusto Buchweitz, reading can act as an exercise that stimulates the brain. He said:

“The habit of reading has a proven relationship with a better quality of mental health. Reading, because it involves imagination, mentalization, anticipation and learning (we always learn at least unfamiliar words), works as an 'exercise' for the human brain. Although it is not a muscle, our brain needs to be stimulated ”

#3 Emotional Intelligence

Smart Emotional

Have you ever stopped to imagine what redefines our intelligence?

Intelligence is something fantastic in humanity, our emotions are valuable for our intellectual development. Without any doubt, there are ways to balance our reason and emotion, so we make more assertive decisions.

Harvard University psychologist Daniel Goleman, Ph.D, said the following in his book Emotional Intelligence - The revolutionary theory that redefines what it is to be intelligent: "The immune system is the 'brain of the body', as the scientist says Francisco Varela, from the Polytechnic School of Paris, in defining how the body perceives itself - what is part of it and what is not."

We must maintain the health of the body and mind and carry out actions intelligently in tune with reality. That is why emotional balance is so important for our mental and physical health. Study about it and be surprised. For sure, you will experiment with better habits in your daily activities.

#4 Technique + Moral and Ethics

Technique + Moral and Ethics

Depending on your area of ​​expertise, technical knowledge will be extremely important. But be aware that agile and assertive reasoning sometimes requires reflection, statistical studies, research and dialogue. Clearly, you will need to make rational decisions, but they will never mess with your moral and ethical precepts. After all, your image is at stake.

One of the factors to maximize excellence in your personal or work life is based on 3 pillars: harmony, wisdom and empathy. Therefore, you can never commit actions that harm your life, let alone someone else's.

We can see that logical reasoning and technique, working in tune with ethics and morals, contribute immensely to better results. I have constantly sought to optimize my habits. Put it into practice today, start by changing small actions, thoughts and habits.

You will be able to truly dive into another level of your ability. Obviously, in life everything requires constancy, creativity and a lot of dedication. But the relentless pursuit must continue for the sake of your financial freedom and purpose in life.

#5 Graphical Interpretation and Data Driven Actions

Data, Report, Analysis

We can see that for several years statistics aligned with mathematical concepts contribute immensely to make us more successful in the face of decisions. Mainly, technology entrepreneurs are becoming more data driven.

Currently, the advancement of technology makes it possible to analyze trillions of data. We can collect data, information and content, then create a report, further analysis and define what the best actions are when faced with opportunities.

Your analytical skills will change after obtaining a statistical view based on real data. That way, you need to mine data masterfully, select content that is really relevant to your reality and believe in the fundamentals behind statistical mathematics. Never ignore the graphics and research studies as they are useful.

 #6 Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Please answer me one thing in the comments: "Which communities on the web do you take part in?" - Think and reflect a little on this and comment on your point of view after finishing the reading.

Do the communities you take part really add something positive and transformational to your journey? Please respond carefully before saying that a community does not collaborate with you. After all, it is always possible to select what has quality.

Are you selecting the accompanying discussions correctly?

The above questions can help in your discovery adventure. The technology and crypto economy community is active in specific communities, like BitcoinTalk for example. Take part actively in wonderful communities like Publish0x.

Be sure to immerse yourself in online communities and tire of looking for reliable sources and get to know the reputation of users. In this way, you will collect valuable teachings. It completely opens your mind to all the technological and human potential.

#7 Open Mind for Experiments

Open Mind for Experiments

Remember: an open mind can never be closed. Therefore, you need to be sure that after getting more clarity about your actions, habits and experiments you are walking on the right road. After all, you are the protagonist of your story.

Your mind needs to be open to learning, mistakes and experiments. In conclusion, you must seek the best information, get confidence and with complete freedom to decide. 

Never forget to follow the contents here on the blog and follow me to receive notifications. I hope you continue to receive news with an open mind and seek to make more assertive decisions in the face of reality.

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