Why Rondo?

Here are some of the exciting use cases for Musicians & Fans, on the platform we are developing, at Rondo. So why is Rondo building a new platform for the music industry and using the "RND" token as the base currency? We are creating a new value proposition for the music industry, and blockchain is the perfect tech to build it on. Reducing transaction fees to a few $cents or even free in some cases, and cutting out many 3rd party payment gateways, which means more money for artists and other forward thinking industry insiders. Value can flow freely 24/7 and not be restricted by borders or music monopolies.

Universal Music Income (UMI) - Artists claim RND weekly

We have allocated 350 Million "RND" towards this initiative for verified artists on our platform, they will receive RND, on a weekly basis for 6 months when they create a profile on the RONDO platform. The RND can then be used in a variety of ways from buying equipment, paying for studio time to paying for accommodation when going to an out of town gigs, and so much more part of the core features on our platform. We support emerging artists, and we appreciate the challenges that the music industry presents, through our platform we strive to make the journey a little less challenging.

Artist Development Fund - Supporting music students with bursaries and mentorship

We are on a mission to help music students from disadvantaged communities, struggling to pay rising costs of education. This is why we setup an Artist Dev Fund (ADF) with 28 Million RND tokens. Our Advisory panel will review the musicians applications for funding and based on certain fundamentals, make the relevant recommendations, once a musician is approved Rondo will pay the music institution. 

Fans - Tip artists directly, buy merch, event and festival tickets

Using our wallet & smart wristband combo will give all users the ability to conduct fast transactions without a steep learning curve, as the wallet will be baked into the user profile and our mobile app for Android & IOS. 

Crypto Debit Cards – Low fees, free card delivery and bonus RND

We will partner with a crypto debit card provider to offer a range of cards to suit our user base demographics. Our goal is to find a card issuer that has real global distribution, has world class customer service and the ability to offer a variety of reward options to make using the card an essential part of every Rondo users crypto music experience. 

Crypto to Gift Cards – At over 200 big brand retailers worldwide

There are several crypto to gift card services and we will partner with the best in class that again will give a broad range of products and services to add value to our user base online shopping experience.

Travel bookings – At 500k+ accommodation options in 160+ countries

Here we are looking for a provider that offer a global accommodation platform, that is easy to use and efficient and most importantly has already adopted crypto as a main source of payment. This will make for a great partnership and allow us to offer the best accommodation at the best prices with user rewards and savings and ensure that we have a world class MVP. Festival tourism is a multi billion $ industry and with crypto music community we are poised to benefit exponentially as we strive for first mover advantage. 

Wallet - Purpose built, easy to use wallet

We will support other music crypto currencies in our own secure wallet, thereby expanding our global user base at scale. We are researching several blockchain protocols, and there are several new options that we could deploy to ensure multi currency atomic swap capability. Eliminating the clunky and time consuming hassle of using exchanges, making it as easy as possible for all users, and lower the fees more. 

eCommerce - Crypto music companies can list their tokens in our wallet

We will be actively building relationships with other crypto music companies, to offer them a dual purpose listing & marketing opportunity This will be a paid service, however we include marketing campaigns tailored to the company. We can generate user adoption at scale and this is potentially an excellent revenue opportunity for Rondo. 

Smart Wristband - For multi venue access, incl. micro wallet for use at festivals & venues

A durable & wearable tech product, with a small screen (think fitbit but for crypto), including a micro wallet, NFC & Bluetooth for the payment protocol layer compatibility, with POS at a retail, for fast and secure venue access with digitized tickets. 

Yes the vision of our ecosystem is bold, but if we don't build it, someone else will, so we might as well give it our best shot. If you want to support our startup and take part in the future of music & live entertainment, consider taking part in our early adopters "40 Million Token Distribution" and let's grow together. All info at www.rondo.me 


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RONDO = Music + Blockchain + Crypto
RONDO = Music + Blockchain + Crypto

Rondo is a Digital platform for Music & Live Entertainment, supporting artists worldwide. We reduce the friction for musicians earning with our "universal music income" and using digital currencies in the real world.

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