Paragliding in Ocarina of Time

By Lameshark | Romhack | 19 Aug 2023

With the recent release of Tears of the Kingdom, there seems to be a focus on Zelda players new favorite item, the Paraglider. This new flying mechanism really highlights the large scale of Tears of the Kingdom. This combined with the P.C-esque graphics gives Zelda games the feel of an open world MMORPG for the first time. If I had to label the game, I would call Tears of the Kingdom a Mechanical RPG. The combination of item crafting and the large scale is very ambitious, that with the smooth gameplay makes for a great addition to the Zelda fandom. The game is very breakable, but that's not new for Zelda games, which tend to push the limits of whatever console they are on. This game has some major glitches, but in general it's very playable. Like other players, I enjoyed creating vehicles, fighting enemies and dungeon exploring. But, like many users, I enjoyed gliding the most.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How To Get Hylian Shield

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The above image shows the amazing graphical nature of Tears of the Kingdom, which has a nice fade out of the map as you go higher up. It reminded me a lot of using gameshark codes in OOT and Majora's Mask in order to moon jump around the maps. Hyrule field was such a large map for an early era N64 game! It was great to float high above the ground and look around at all the foreground designs from above. Plus, there were internet rumors back then about the triforce existing above maps and we were all exploring like crazy! Of course, these rumors were proven untrue, but many millennial gamers will have similar memories. Below is a screengrab of me skipping Kokiri Forest using project64 and classic gameshark codes.


I found a model of Adult link and a glider model from Mario Party 3. I love how the models look together, it already looks like a retro version of the Tears of the Kingdom Paraglider. Importing the models together is of course the easy part: Next we will patch the Glider. My favorite skin for the glider in Tears of the Kingdom is definitely the Majora's Mask skin. The evil eyes of the mask look awesome on Links Paraglider! I have the mask already from a model resource and I ripped the image and placed it into the Glider top face. 


I used one of the images from the Majora's Mask [the actual mask] and mirrored the image on each side of the Paraglider model. I love how the patching turned out. It looks different from the Tears of the Kingdom model. It reminds me of something that might actually exist in the OOT or Majora's Mask video game. I didn't want something too complex [not to mention the limitations of the N64 console]. For some reason, the glider in Mario Party 3 that I used has a yellow hand rail. I changed the metal rail to dark grey and the bottom of the glider to black for that retro 3D shading effect. 2ff994c754c26cdd91ee2aa00a6395a0e0a7dc54a56061d02c1046b59d45ae40.png

Learning to romhack is an arduous task: It might take a while to build an entire romhack that uses this retro paraglider in a serious way. However, I will at the very least do a character swap and put the paraglider into Ocarina of Time and take some sreeenshots. That being said, I think a paraglider hack of OOT would be an amazing thing and worth the time and effort. The open world would have to be bigger however and it would take much coding and customization. The Paraglider will have to be turned into an actually functional item etc. Not to mention the physics of the actual gliding! Therefore when I say stay tuned, it might take a while, but I do have all intention to learn ocarinca of time romhacking. I am learning some exciting things like decomping, blender tools for OOT etc. 

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