My First Video Game Concept.

By Lameshark | Romhack | 21 Aug 2023

For a while now, I have been teaching myself Blender, coding and romhacking. My goal was always to create my own videogames and hacks. For years, I have been fascinated with 3d modeling and patching. Even when I was a child playing Super Mario 64, I fantasied about being the person who makes the textures for the buildings, ground etc. Playing a custom Super Mario 64 game for the first time was a huge game changer for me. At the time, I assumed that making a romhack was extremely difficult and never really researched much. That changed after I experimented with Banjo's Backpack. Creating my first functional Banjo Kazooie level, frankly, took over a year after several failed attempts. Eventually, I found some guides for Blender and tried again, successfully creating my first romhack.



With my first Romhack completed, all these ideas about N64 homebrews and models were floating around in my head. I decided to pressure myself into completing an original concept for a video game, something I have never done before. Creating an N64 homebrew from scratch was much more difficult than I thought and after tons of research I decided to opt for a simpler [to program] P.C style game. I pulled out some special, extra large artistic paper and started sketching out the concept with a black ink pen, calling the game "Ghost Photo 64". 220be8aed99ceb75a7a44722bdb272e5c6b27c57f2d4ed21a30bab6a78c59df5.png

I came up with 4 original characters: [Nashi, Suzu, Mejika, Roku] Technology students who enter into a ghost photography contest worth a large sum of money. Each character has a main item: Laptop for coding, a digital audio recorder, video camera and digital camera. The game will have a cityscape type urban environment similar to cyberpunk, but without the scifi elements. The game will contain elements of the early internet "room escape" point and click adventures. Ghost Photo 64 will mostly be treasure hunting combined with puzzles: You will play as a photographer and the game will contain in game photography similar to Pokemon Snap and the photography in Majora's Mask.

Ghost Photo 64 will also contain hacking and coding elements. It will, in a way, resemble a mechanical Rpg. Not a complex one though and mainly with a single puzzle that will initiate the main climax of the game. The game will involve avoiding security cameras and alarms. You will set up a hacked security camera and plug all the special items into a charger hooked to a rooftop security camera. Speaking of rooftops, I would like the game to include Parkour/urban exploration elements. Less of a point and click and more of a jump around and building exploration game.


When I speak about coding elements, I want the actual game to have coding in it with in game terminals. You will play as Nashi and type into an actual in game laptop and initiate actions in game like turning on lights of a building or turn of the hacked security camera. I have always loved terminals in retro games and want at least a few functional computers inside Ghost Photo 64. The game will have to be completed in a certain order, making it a RPG and puzzle game? At least to some degree. You will also have to find in game items like camera batteries and USB sticks.


The style of the game will be an N64 homebrew with low poly, but with excellent attention to detail, great patching etc. As I stated previously, this game will be urban in the sense of being located in a dense, cityscape. I want the game to have Parkour and rooftop exploration and also be visually stunning for a low poly game [like Perfect Dark, Conkours Bad Fur Day]. The game will start inside a dark room like an escape game and then will lead through many rooms/buildings and eventually lead to rooftop areas and back into the haunted location.


Recently, I watched a video about an extremely dense, Chinese City that used to be a military encampment. The buildings are slammed together like sardines and it feels like the cityscape never ends when you are on the rooftops. I drew a map below based on the walled off super-city. Of course, there will be security checks, keycards and metal locks. This will create a spycraft vibe. It will almost be Perfect Dark without the guns. Think pitch black rooms, hidden elevators and difficult to locate items. Of course, there will be some great Easter eggs because it will be an exploration game. 1a4c18643cc1d1cccdf31b8cc9e01f987f8ce5619b1809d92aeb36cee0ac2df3.png

I am crowdfunding the game with gofundme, something I have always wanted to do. All funds will be spent at my discretion. Progress will be recorded in detail on Youtube. Any donation over $50 will receive a digital copy of the game upon completion. All game concepts are original, please do not copy. Time frame for game completion is at my discretion. I reserve the right to raise the total fund goal amount. Thank you very much if you donate! I will make updates regardless of funding, so stay tuned either way and I will make more devlog posts!

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