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Rollercoin : Why you should buy the season 1 pass (detailed math calculation)

By Coinwave | Rollercoin - The Journey | 16 Aug 2021

Rollercoin Has been drastically growing in the past few months, and it is likely that this progress will not stop anytime soon - here is why.

What is Rollercoin?

Rollercoin is an online cryptocurrency mining simulator game that has been around for more than 3 years now.  The core idea of the game is the distribution of block rewards between players depending on their mining power - just like with real crypto mining. But in this game, you are rewarded with real cryptos. 

In Rollercoin there are two ways to earn or “mine” bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies:

1. Buy mining equipment to mine. The equipment is virtual, but you can mine real cryptocurrencies.

2. Play mini-games, in which you can earn mining power for 24(1 Day) to 168 hours(7 Days). (Investment Free)

Currently, you can mine 3 different cryptocurrencies: BTC, Dogecoin, and ETH. Additionally, you can mine RollerTokens (RLT), an ERC-20 token that functions as the game’s native currency, RLT is currently equivalent to $1 per token.

Season 1 Pass


The season 1 pass includes 20 items in which 6 of them are free for players who do decide not to purchase this $150 season pass - very pricey indeed but hear me out, I will explain later. The pass includes things like miners which provides the player passive income, boosts which are temporary power boost for a specific amount of days which help increase earnings on those days (1 day,7 days, and 30 days), also the pass provides 35 RLT tokens (20 are free to users who unlock them) 15 are for players who bought the pass - and in total that's 35 RLT tokens which is equal to $35. The few remaining items are racks to store your miners on and trophy for purely cosmetic purposes.


The Value Of The Season Pass

Lets start off with the price of the season pass which is a whopping $150 dollars/149.99 RLT Tokens. Assuming you unlock all the levels up to lvl 20, you will have 9 miners which will give you a passive amount of 1 PH, which in my previous blog we discuss how we found this. (link here). Now, 1 PH is equivalent to $0.30 (USD) a day. In hindsight that will take about 500 days just to get back on your return of investment (ROI) if you were to just have the miners - however, the season pass also includes other perks - so lets calculate them! The RLT tokens given out in the season pass is equal to $35 which lowers the season pass from $150 to now $115, not to mention you get 5 temporary boosters, and if you add all of the boosters up that will equal to $45 worth of mining that the boosters alone will provide (even if you don't have a single miner). that brings the price of the season pass down to $70. - With that said $70 divided by $0.3 will get you to 233.333 Days in order to be able to get your return of investment (ROI) back. This does not include that in the future you can sell the miners for up to $400 on the marketplace once the marketplace is launched, which will be in season 3.  *This is solely based on just the calculation on what is offered in the season pass, it does not include the power you get when playing mini-games nor extra miners you already have*, *also does not include miner bonuses* if you round all of them up, your ROI is around 200 Days.

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Is The Season Pass Worth It

Yes! The pass is definitely worth it in the short to medium to long run. The miners you get right now will be worth a lot more in the future because not only it is exclusive, it also has power bonuses, each miner has a percentage of bonuses whether it be 2.5% of 4%, it increase your total power output and adds an additional 2.5% or 4%, which in hindsight is a pretty big deal. Furthermore, as the game becomes more popular, more updates and improvements will be seen coming to the game to improve players quality of gameplay, etc. "Will Rollercoin disappear with my money out of the sudden one day." My answer is the chances of it being likely is extremely low, because Rollercoin has proven itself to be a trustable source of "so called investment", by following market progression and trends, overall if you Delve into more research on Rollercoin you will see that its not even close to what some skeptics whom call it a Ponzi Scheme really is.

Cheers and thank you, and I hope you all have a nice day!


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Rollercoin - The Journey
Rollercoin - The Journey

All about Rollercoin and my journey and investment in this game

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