Review : Why Rollercoin Is Legit And Not A Scam Aug 2021

By Coinwave | Rollercoin - The Journey | 17 Aug 2021

Rollercoin has been out for more than 3 years now, and in todays crypto booming market, Rollercoin has seen staggering increase in new players over the recent months as they had just hit 1.3 Million players. Why the increase now? and is this site legit?


If you don't know about Rollercoin

It is based on cryptocurrency and you are getting paid in Bitcoin, Doge, and Ethereum. All the excitement of mining and making money, without the boring details of the actual process are on this site. All you have to do is make a character and play the games, to start of course, then you progress into buying miners which is the fun part, and earn passive income till the end of time. Simple as that, call it a so-called "investment".

Fundamentals of Rollercoin

Rollercoin is a site that pay out cryptocurrency to players who earn power by playing mini-games or by miners, which in turns - mine crypto.  How Rollercoin makes a living is through players who buy the miners, as it takes a long time playing mini-games just to afford a miner, hence the majority of players invest into this game hoping to get a return in the near future, which in this case does happen! Furthermore when playing mini-games, Rollercoin also earns ad-revenue when games are displayed along side banner ads, which also help fund Rollercoin's operations.

Now games like these, sometimes you think to yourself - its too good to be true, earning money and playing games? While in theory its kind of like that, but it takes time and effort to actually understand the game and maximize your earnings, because honestly nobody is actually playing Rollercoin because its fun, rather new players sought to get money, not quick! The right word should be passive.

Why Is Rollercoin Booming

The ultimate goal in Rollercoin in my opinion is to hit a stage where you are happy with the amount of passive income you get in your daily life, - and Rollercoin does that. Some people on the leaderboards earns upwards of $50 a day without playing mini-games whatsoever, they let their miners mine away (absolutely no electricity cost), and this passive income can last forever, till the game eventually shuts down. 

It is a simple concept that many people are able to grasp the notion and idea of this game, however we have to keep in mind that there are limits and ultimately endings to Rollercoin, but when will that be? Not anywhere close in the near future, as of now Rollercoin is in Season 1, and they have already planned out till Season 3, so that's a lot of time to get back on your return of investment (ROI), if you ever investment in the game.

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Ponzi Scheme?

No, Rollercoin is far from a Ponzi Scheme as far as the land stretches out to the horizon. A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often promise to invest your money and generate high returns with little or no risk. In this case Rollercoin itself is not a Ponzi scheme because Rollercoin follows the current crypto and market progression and trends, - let say if bitcoin skyrockets to 100k, so will the worth in Rollercoin too, you will get paid out the amount you mined out of Rollercoin have the same value as the real market price. Rollercoin itself does not have its own ecosystem, everything on Rollercoin is dictated by what's happening in the crypto market. This is the major indicator that shows that Rollercoin isn't a scam or fraud, but merely a "simulator game" / "investment".

Future of Rollercoin

The future of Rollercoin seems pretty bright as they just announced that a marketplace will be launching in season 3 which will be around 180 days from now, - in the marketplace you are able to sell your miners to other players for whatever price you want and whatever crypto you choose, whether bitcoin, Ethereum or doge. The community is also growing everyday with more promising players joining and learning more about what Rollercoin can really offer. 

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Rollercoin - The Journey
Rollercoin - The Journey

All about Rollercoin and my journey and investment in this game

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