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Starting to invest in Rollercoin with a plan

By Appollo | Rollercoin Guide | 13 Feb 2023

Rollercoin has raised its popularity since its a play to earn platform.

Lets discuss how we can grow the side hustle with a steady plan to grow the rate of bonus so we can have faster rate of growth.

Lets say you dont have any miner running yet, you can now head to the store and search for some cheap miners and make some calculations to decide to quit the game? 

As i did couple of times...but what we should know is pick the most effective bonus AND  cheapest one.

At the very beginning we cant head to the cheap miners and ask for 1000PH miner for 10 RLTs, in fact we should pick those with 0.5% or 0.75% and whats better than a 1% bonus miner for 10 RLTs.

Try to grab those small bonuses every couple of days..and after that you go to play so the hash power will get you extra bonus now.

Hash power will significantly rise.


Because you can play a streak of 7 days excessively to grab a ONE PH 

Which is estimated to pay you a 1$ per month.

But now you are filling your room with bunch of you have 10% bonus you think you got half the way....and now you got to grab those 0% bonuses miners with 200 TH 


You should now avoid replicated cheap miners to prevent the waste of the bonus of one of them l.

And dont merge those small miners its not worth it.

AND dont waste your money in the PREMIUM SEASON AND THE RLT LOOTBOX please...please...i truely beg you...if you do that you lost your way.

Keep moving forward with the plan

Now you got to upgrade your payments:

Lets say you have 50 bucks you want to buy something 

You DONT buy any high value miner instantly now 

You go to the market and search for the range which starts with 20 dollars and search for a good bonus miner like 2% or 3% at least 1.5% bonus...and if you dont find one rise the range filter until you find one which completes the following:

Cheapest price

Highest bonus rate 

Average hash power

I sold couple of 0.7% bonus miners for 70 rlt which was crazy you know why 

Because people think the higher the value the more efficient the miner is

They dont compare they want to fill their racks with many unuseful miners yo showoff maybe who knows what their laziness led them to do next ...maybe shutting the game off which is so much profitable for the website owner.

I will post the most effective miners with their price ranges from time to time i hope i can help you out here dont forget the TIP button it will make me study more miners for you.

Best of luck and easy hard work for you.



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Rollercoin Guide
Rollercoin Guide

In here i will discuss the best and suitable mining devices that deal the most effective bonus while maintaining a strong rise in the hash power.

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