Rollercoin NEW ERA -Season 1: PERFECTION

Rollercoin NEW ERA -Season 1: PERFECTION

By KikeBast | Rollercoin by KikeBast | 4 Aug 2021

It’s been a long time since I have been playing Rollercoin. At the beginning it was fine, I bought some miners and played daily mini-games. Nevertheless, it was always the same and a little bit boring, so I decided invest less time in that. Now, things have changed!

It's time to register and play, join: 


Yesterday it was released the first season on Rollercoin’s New Era. It is called “Perfection” and has come with a lot of new features that invited me to play again. First of all, you have a new levels system that allow you to grow faster and win more and more cryptos. You have to buy what is called “Season pass”, but it is really worth in order to increase your profits. Here is a screenshot of this:


Then, you have also daily offers that are really interesting. You can find in the previous image. It has been included new skins and new discounts, so stay tuned J

Once you have bought the event pass, you can increase your level by playing and completing several weekly quests. These quests are interesting to keep you active. It is an incredible feature to keep the ambition of improving and getting better. Finally, you have a bonus depending on the number and kind of miners you have. You can increase your power by the face !!


I strongly recommend this game right now. If you can, it is interesting to acquire the EVENT PASS to win all the rewards. Tell me if you’re interesting. I’m planning to create a teamwork group based on different pages. So give me feedback !!


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Rollercoin by KikeBast
Rollercoin by KikeBast

Here I will explain how Rollercoin webpage works and every update that the game will add in the future !

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