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TronGameCenter - Play Win and Earn

By rogerbuecker | Roger macht Blau | 12 Jan 2021

Today's Article is about TronGameCenter

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You are a real Gamer? You love to play mobile or on your Computer? Furthermore, you want to win Cryptocurrencies while playing? Then the TronGameCenter App is right for you!

The Games

Like you can see there already is a variety of Games available for you to play and make some cash. First you should install TronGameCenter it is the main App where you get an overview of your account and winning. Because of Google Play size limit per App you have to download some games separate.  

TGC Games

Bubbleshooter – My Favorite

The Game I play most is TGCBubbleShooter, I love the sweet design of the bubbles and how the game works overall, but attention it is kind of addictive!

TGS BubbleShooter

Weekly Tournaments

In most Games you can win weekly prices.

Trons Arcade Racer


TronSpaceAdventure pricesTronSpaceAdventure prices2

Win 3 BTT for each level

In addition to the weekly competitions, TGC rewards you with 3 BTT per level in their games. These are paid out weekly together with your winnings.

TGC FPShooter

Find my detailed Article here

TGC FPShooter

TGC World

There will be a whole Article about TGC World soon…

TGC World

What is TGCT and TGCD ?

TronGameCenterToken (TGCT TRC-10 ID: 1002664) is the dividend token.
60% of ads revenue and TGCD swap is shared with all users that have frozen TGCT.

TronGameCenterDiamond (TGCD TRC-10 ID: 1003133) is the game currency
Users can get TGCD by watch ads or finshing levels in some specific games.

Buy TGCT on the following Exchanges

➨ TronTrade
➨ Tronscan
➨ Poloniex
➨ Nolex

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TronGameCenter Whitepaper


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