RocketEnthusiast's Free Crypto Earnings, June 2023

Another month in the books, another round of free crypto dust wracked up. It's time to tabulate the minuscule amounts collected over the past thirty days. The journey continues, no matter what! Please note that the USD equivalents are based off of current crypto prices as of July 1, 2023. So, with all that being said, here's what I've stacked this month. I will break it down platform-by-platform:

Cointiply - 0.00054371 BTC - $16.62 USD


Well, as usual, Cointiply is one of my biggest earners. It's one of the easiest to use platforms, and it's definitely all about the surveys. All it takes is 2-3 solid paying ones per month to score a solid amount of coins. Cointiply offers payouts in Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash but I almost always opt for the Bitcoin. 

TipNano - 11.33084 XNO - $8.23 USD



I was able to get some extra Nano this month, thanks to some serious survey bonuses (+40%) on the TipNano app. While XNO isn't necessarily one of my favourite cryptos, I do like the instant transactions. No sweating waiting for a confirmation, ever. I will definitely continued to use this app, as it's easy and consistent. You can get payouts in BTC on the TipNano app, but they take a long time -- sometimes over a week. 

Litecoin Giveaway - 0.00281439 LTC - $0.30 USD


Another huge earning month from the Litecoin Giveaway app! On a serious note, the app was briefly erroneously removed from the Google Play store this month. It took me about a week to figure out how to recover it, so I wasn't using it in that time. While the payouts aren't at all large on this app, I continue to use it because it's extremely easy to hit the hourly claims and get some good LTC dust that way.

Bitcoin Cash Giveaway - 0.00267741 BCH - $0.75


The same story as its clone/counterpart app listed above, Bitcoin Cash Giveaway was also shortly missing in action this month. It was pretty amazing to see over fifty cents here, but that was due to the price surge in BCH. An absolute monster this month -- Holy Fork! Bitcoin Cash Rockets Over 100% in a Week!

Earn Free Bitcoin Cash - 0.00026399 BCH - $0.07 USD


The Earn Free Bitcoin Cash app is one of four from ML Crypto. It's a standard earning app, with hourly and bonus claims. In addition, if you're so inclined, you can complete surveys and offer walls. I personally just stick to the easy claims, as I don't have time for the surveys. It's not much, but it's free crypto.

Earn Free Dash - 0.00051426 DASH - $0.019 USD


No, that's not a typo. I earned a whopping 1.9 cents using the Earn Free Dash app. You can too!

Earn Free Dogecoin - 1.13889949 DOGE - $0.077 USD


Another head-turner, I know! Just over an entire Dogecoin, courtesy of the Earn Free Dogecoin app.

Earn Free Litecoin - 0.00050813 LTC - $0.055 USD


It must be hard to contain your jealousy when you feast your eyes on that nickel's worth of Litecoin from the Earn Free Litecoin app. Just remember, you can too!

Publish0x - $8.55 USD total


A bit of down month for me here on P0x, but that's mostly due to my decreased writing activity. Sometimes, the keys just don't clatter as much as other months. And that's fine -- life goes on. I only try to publish when inspiration strikes, not because I feel I constantly need to.

YesCoiner - 0.0000739 BTC - $2.26 USD


It is what it is, a simple Bitcoin faucet. It slowly adds up at YesCoiner. And when the opportunity to withdraw presents itself, I am quick to the draw. Err, withdrawal. - 0.00078100 BCH - $0.22 USD


I cross-post certain articles I write here for P0x to, only the ones I feel are appropriate for that platform as well. It's definitely not the type of earnings that it used to be, but it's something. I'll take it.

Add It Up

For June 2023, my free crypto earnings grand total was $37.15



The original Bitcoin faucet is long gone, but there are still ways to collect some free crypto:
  • Sign up here on Publish0x, if you haven't already, to earn free crypto for reading & writing content
  • Join Cointiply and roll the faucet every hour, view PTC ads, take surveys to earn free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Dash
  • Downoad the Bitcoin Cash Giveaway to collect some free BCH sats, paid out weekly
  • Check out Yescoiner to easily collect some satoshis; no nonsense -- just solve a captcha. Low payout, slow drip here
  • Final AutoClaim is another facuet-style site that offers payouts in 74 different coins
  • For an entertaining, off-the-wall faucet, check out Crypto Junkie. Great for accumulating SPACE and SHIB
  • Play Gemly, a P2E game, and earn payouts in BTC, Litecoin, BNB, Tether, Tron, and Dogecoin
  • For rewards in XNO and BTC, check out TipNano app

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