Origin Materials: Random Tidbits, 5/17/23

After hours the buzz is all about co-CEO Rich Riley's pre-planned sale of 45k shares. The stock was acquired via an exercised option, for the price of $0.1456 a share, and sold at an average of $4.69 a share. For further details, check the form 4 filing

The Rethinking Materials Innovation and Investment Summit has wrapped in London. Origin partner company Avantium was represented by its CEO, who made a rather bold statement:


Full article can be found here. Van Aken made mention of the Origin Materials partnership: "Although we have succeeded at scaling PEF – we are currently building our furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) Flagship Plant with a capacity of 5 kilotons per annum and have recently signed a licensing agreement with Origin Materials for a 100 kilotons per annum facility – we certainly aren’t stopping there."


Twitter user SPAC Hipster has posted a recent photo of Origin 1, albeit from a great distance behind the industrial park's chain linked fence:


Is it commissioned? Hard to tell from this vantage point. It does not appear to have been started up; details of the impromptu visit are scant.

O1 nearly done, with startup due sometime in May or June -- according to the current official timeline. Onto O2 and tracing the design and development of it. 


O2 being one of five projects "under construction" that will tackle reducing global emissions. Perhaps "under construction" is jumping the gun a bit, but soon enough.





So that should be enough on O2 for now. Nothing new in particular, just a compilation of information and plans that have already been released. 

In-house promotions seem to be all the rage lately. A few examples:






Five examples of ascending the ladder. How about the Origin Alumni Group? It's private, so there's not much to see here.


Finally, a look at a Bloomberg screenshot shared on Discord today:


Indeed, an upcoming event hosted by Alembic Global: "Alembic Global Advisors is an independent equity research firm offering differentiated, experienced financial analysis on a variety of global industrial sectors. Our goal is to provide high quality, proprietary and actionable research into company, industry and broader macro trends on a truly global level. Since its founding in 2009, Alembic has expanded from its core global chemical coverage to also include the aerospace & defense sector. Our analysts have been recognized by industry publications Institutional Investor, FT/Starmine and Extel." 

Surely, more to come. Any new updates will be documented on this blog. 

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