Origin Materials: Monday Night Wrap, 5/22/23

Stock Recovers

Last Friday's losses were almost completely erased today, with ORGN being up a whopping 6.71% on the day. Investors are hoping the momentum continues tomorrow.


IBorrowDesk shows 650k shares available to borrow/short, which is a low number indicating more short positions open on the stock. The high for 2023, with regards to shares available, was 3.1M and the low was 200k. In other words, there are still short positions open but the number of shares available is increasing which can be indicative of decrease in short positions.

Morgan Stanley 8th Annual Sustainable Futures Conference

Co-CEOs Rich Riley and John Bissell today presented virtually at the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Futures Conference. A full replay of the presentation is available here. While there were no real new material developments, Riley reiterated that Origin 1 would be online "next month," June. This timeline is in-line with the latest official company update which has stated that O1 startup would occur "sometime in Q2."

Rethinking Materials Summit Coverage Continues

The recent summit in London is proving to be solid industry exposure, as the partnership between Origin Materials and Avantium is again highlighted as being crucial for the future of materials. This time the coverage comes via Packaging World.


Recent Institutional Position Updates


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