Origin Materials: Mid-Week Update, 12/7/22

Another day gone by, another day closer to the mechanical completion of Origin Materials' first manufacturing facility in Sarnia, Ontario. I can only imagine the construction crews are wrapping things up. Let's have a look at the bird's eye view, recently featured in the latest construction update video:


Truly, a sight to behold. That's the look of a $125-130 million facility. The final cost has not yet been revealed but is expected to be within that range.

Pia Johanna Heidenmark Cook Sells $20k Worth of Shares

The director reported the sale on December 5 in a form 4 filing. While insiders will sell for a variety of reasons, this one's pretty clear cut. It is perfectly spelled out in the footnotes:

The sales reported on this Form 4 represent shares sold by the Reporting Person to cover tax withholding obligations in connection with the vesting and settlement of restricted stock units.

She sold a total of 3,636 shares at an average price of $5.62, putting the value of the transaction at $20,434. If there were an insider sale that was cause for concern, it's certainly not this one.

Advanced Biofuels features Carbon Capture Magazine Podcast

A podcast from last month was posted to Advanced Biofuels USA website. In case you missed it, here it is:

A solid overview for those unfamiliar with Origin Materials. Close watchers of the company will find nothing new here.

CEOs Present at Credit Suisse Climate Tech Conference

Today, co-CEOs John Bissell and Rich Riley participated in the Credit Suisse Climate Tech Conference. It was a virtual event, solely for institutional investors. It is not clear specifically what institutions they met with. Replays aren't not yet available, but keep a close eye on the events and presentations page on the Origin Investors section, should something get posted.

UC-Davis Graduate School of Management to Feature Case Study on Origin Materials


Bonds for O2 Funding Expected on Upcoming Louisiana State Bond Commission Meeting

The private activity bonds that have already been approved by the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority are now set for the next step in the process, getting approval from the State Bond Commission. It's expected that they will be on the docket for the next meeting. So keep an eye on their website. Specifically, here is where the link will be:


John Birmingham's Beard: Grey?

It's hard to believe that the once clean-shaven process engineer has not only grown a magnificent chin curtain. Here is, from a process overview video from October 2021:


Thirteen months and no razors later:


It looks like there's a tinge of grey in there. Not a sign of aging, but rather wisdom. Allow me to bestow some insight myself: Origin Materials is less than six months away from shedding its "pre-revenue" label. In my opinion, this change is not baked into the current stock price. Wall Street analysts, it appears, would agree as well:


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