Origin Materials Joins Louisiana Chemical Association

Origin Materials has joined the Louisiana Chemical Association. The LCA was formed in 1959 to promote a positive business environment for chemical manufacturers. In conjunction with the Louisiana Manufacturers Political Action Committee, the association works to provide contributions to businesses who support local job growth in the Louisiana chemical industry.


Obviously there are a large number of potential benefits for Origin Materials, as the company seeks to grow and engineering and subsequent construction of the O2 facility in Geismar looms.

In alignment with the company's plan to pursue local and state incentives, joining the LCA opens the door to further benefits:


The company also grows its political connections, which are all important as they seek to gain from other state and federal programs.

Also today, HSBC has reiterated their buy rating on the stock and their 15 price target.


We like the stock. The company has once again shown that what they are doing is in line with what they say they are going to do. It sounds like a simple and obvious concept, but it is important to see the actions as they speak louder than words. Joining the association reaffirms my view that company management is on point.

Please refer to the link below to see Origin Materials listed on the LCA website.

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