I Don't Know What It's Called, But This Token Will Apparently 10x or 1000x

What is it?

Is it called "TEN x THOUSAND x" or "ten times a thousand" or what?

Just kidding. It actually appears to be called "X Token" and it's not the first project to bear that name:

Hopefully this one is more successful than the aforementioned X tokens. The official website is https://10x1000x.com/ and it boasts that it's going to moon. That's always a good sign. On a serious note, I stumbled upon this project from a PTC ad on Cointiply tonight. It took me to a YouTube video, in which a crypto-influencer is pumping X Token.


What is X Token?

It's an ERC20 token, based on the Ethereum chain. This is actually kind of unique for tokens I see being pumped about, which are usually based on the Binance Smart Chain. But regardless, X Token claims to be 100% owned by the community. It seems to be a bit misleading to me, making it seem like none of the creators/developers will be holding any tokens. But then, by their own FAQ, they state that they will be buying during the pre-sale.


I do suppose technically they aren't lying, as the team is of course part of the community.

X is a utility token. We are building a DeFi ecosystem, and X will be an irreplaceable backbone of this ecosystem. X token will be used to pay for everything from transactions to fees.

What's Happening Now?

The pre-sale tokens went for $0.00011, from November 17 to 25.

The "launchpad" phase is under way now, with tokens selling for $0.00022, ending on November 30.

The final pre-listing sale will be open the entire month of December, with the token price increasing to $0.00044

X is expected to be listed on decentralized exchanges, sometime in 2023. Uniswap, SushiSwap, and 1inch have been named as exchanges where the coin will be available.

Also planned for next year are the following:

  • Introduction of Web3 Staking Protocols
  • Additional utility purposes for X Token announced
  • NFT Marketplace and Metaverse introduction
  • Subsequent development of NFT Marketplace & Metaverse

Who is Behind X Token?

Nobody knows, as the team has chosen to remain anonymous. As they state, "X was created by Greek Gods, a little bit of good spirit, and a tale."


So What?

To me, it's really just a gamble buying into pre-sales like this one. Back in August, I had written how I was quite skeptical of Tamadoge (link to my post) -- the token could have been bought sub-penny and it eventually surged to 18 cents briefly before coming back down to 2 cents. I'm not saying that X Token has no chance, but the description and utility of the coin is a bit more vague than Tamadoge. Still, 10x1000x has garnered some exposure from the YouTube video I first mentioned in this post:

Nothing about this blog post constitutes financial advice: this is not an endorsement to buy, just posting for informational purposes. I am
not a financial advisor, just a rocket enthusiast.


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