Futurama Takes on Bitcoin

The episode "How the West Was 1010001" of the animated series Futurama inspired me to create this here list of references & jokes related to crypto that were mentioned/alluded to in it.


Before getting down to it, let me just mention that this revival of the series maintains the essence of the show and is true to its roots. Without further ado, here's my list:

  • Professor Farnsworth bankrupts Planet Express by investing borrowed money in Bitcoin and selling at a loss after it crashes
  • The Professor's plan to make the money back is to find and sell "thallium" used to make Bitcoin miners, implying that only those who sell the "picks and axes" in the crypto mining industry are the only ones who make money
  • The chart of Bitcoin shows a massive decline in 2023, perhaps foreshadowing what the show's writers think of cryptocurrencies
  • The crew travels to Doge City in an old-west style setting, implying the current "wild west" spirit of crypto where there are really rules
  • Doge City's electricity is consumed entirely by Bitcoin miners, while everyone else in town has to live in the "old west" style'
  • Speaking of the barkeep's mood, the robot player piano says "she fluctuates like the price of Bitcoin"
  • Bender wins a bid on a donkey by betting 0.00000125 BTC, which in today's price is 3.3 cents (USD)
  • The old man assayer runs his Bitcoin "mining rig" but instead discovers Ethereum, which disappoints the old man
  • Roberto's heist plan involves stealing a USB stick with recently mined Bitcoin from a "Wells Crypto" stagecoach
  • While searching for "thallium," Amy is disappointed to only find mounds of "worthless gold" -- Bitcoin's store of value being oft compared to the precious metal...Peter Schiff reference definitely



And yes, I know this article is a few weeks late as the episode was released on August 7th. Anyway, I'm sure that my list is not comprehensive and I missed a few. But hopefully you've enjoyed this post and the episode.

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