Free Crypto Journey Continues (Even If You Don't)

Good evening and good day my fellow worldwide P0x'ers. I'd like to start by saying something that you may very well be familiar with: sometimes life happens and there isn't sufficient time to dedicate to crypto -- whether trading, accumulating, researching, reading, memeing. You know what I'm talking about! Well, that has been just the case for me recently. The hardest part for me is not getting to do my usual writing here on Publish0x. But a mere pause is always in the cards from time to time. Luckily, you can always pick up whenever you find the time.

If you're anything like me and enjoy earning free crypto from a variety of avenues, you also may know that it really does pay to use referral links. Specifically, on the Cointiply app, it turns into what I like to call "passive satoshis." Yes, wracking up BTC without doing anything is possible using that simple faucet app. In my case, "wracking up" may be overselling it. The two variables here are the number of referrals you've made and their level of activity on the app. I calculated that in January, I earned an average of 500 coins, which comes to about five cents worth of Bitcoin. The referrals hit every day, and vary widely in amounts.


It doesn't exactly compare with what you can make running a Bitcoin node, but as the amended old adage goes - "every satoshi counts"

I've also found it easy to hit the weekly payout threshold in on the Bitcoin Cash Giveaway app, exclusively with referrals. Sometimes it takes two weeks, but that's another great app to use to earn some free sats.

The most successful use of these crypto earning apps, admittedly, is when you can spend the most time on the mind-numbing tasks they demand. Remember folks, life is short. Time is the most valuable currency. Spend it wisely!

What platforms do you find you have the most success with referrals? I certainly don't here on P0x, perhaps because everyone seeing my referral link on my posts here is already signed up!


The original Bitcoin faucet is long gone, but there are still ways to collect some free crypto:
  • Sign up here on Publish0x, if you haven't already, to earn free crypto for reading & writing content
  • Join Cointiply and roll the faucet every hour, view PTC ads, take surveys to earn free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Dash
  • Downoad the Bitcoin Cash Giveaway to collect some free BCH sats, paid out weekly
  • Check out Yescoiner to easily collect some satoshis; no nonsense -- just solve a captcha. Low payout, slow drip here
  • Final AutoClaim is another facuet-style site that offers payouts in 74 different coins
  • For an entertaining, off-the-wall faucet, check out Crypto Junkie. Great for accumulating SPACE and SHIB
  • For rewards in XNO and BTC, check out TipNano app

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