By Abali Ikulu | Rocket | 3 Jul 2021


 The choice about everything we do depends on many criteas ,thus can be associated to the domain where we belong or having our daily substainbilty. The area of our attention about our choice in life are of our workplaces, home,environmental,School,sport club,music bands,workshop,companies,societies,associations and many more.

We always make our choice accordingly to what please us most or otherwise, People do not only choose good company ,association or club to be the member of it, They choice may depended on the access to get what they need right there mostly it is their acceptation in the Company ,our choice do not always meet our expectation however we always make it a try.

 Presently people do not create a project without gathering all the aspect that goes along with their expectations . In marketing, Expert are selected, appointed and attracted topics are made to call people attention. In majority of cases , and behind this lies a big disapointment. Who never been abused in internet ,who is the one that never been shitted in the internet, who never been stolen in the internet for the choice he made following an attractive advert ?


As we know everything we do iwith a aim to get a payment or reward is our due, None is here to please others and none will accept doing peacework instead of being fully in work, any job we do requies payment and our choice goes alongside accordingly with that. Oour choice is always back up by our decision to whatever we need to do in oder to satisfy our desire or reach a goal. What are the things that attracted you most in a business platform ?

 I think you know the answer and I can't rebuke your choice, Commonly people look at the company plan call it investment plan, All the company do not have a simular business plan, each Cmpany has its own business plan that is what make the difference, May be up now you have been shitted by the people who pretended to fullfilled your objective this happen to everybody who seek assistance and find his way for a freelancy but for me and a actual group of people a solution have been fund.

 The< business> domain is as vaste area that no one can describe ,but most commonly we know what happen and what are presented in most business platfrom plan. Lets conclude that people do the same thing, the same way at what happen in our local market ,people sell and buy the same products over and over....this is boring !


 Of courseThese things are unique we call it: < business design features > In Levelnaut you will be really satisfied and the desire to belong to an other platform will vanish from you, Imagine this : in case you want to participate in their pre-sale program it is as easy as one two three, best starting investment plan is $200 you can buy their coin - ; 1000 Elvencoin =$110  which is 40 TRX , here we start by buying trx first and with trx you can purchase the Elvencoin, You have to download the wallet in your android phone or get the chrome extension, if you have already  a Tron wallet public and private keys you can entered them and you are done

The special thing here is that you can immediately swarp your purchased coins and get a profit, Check it here : and you can trade as much time you want. 2, There are various earning opportunities ,you can become a simple writer and get paid every month ,:  or become an ambassader and get paid every month too. 3 . you can become an influencer and boost your earning opportunities by joining other platform that generate money for you.4 the choice is yours rest your determination and bravour to create a group and manage it with the citizen of your Country and addressing and discussing features in your own language ,see ! 

It is where people are actually, the mother house,our home, it can be also your home wy not join? . or .Thank you



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Abali Ikulu
Abali Ikulu

I am Mr Ikulu Abali from Democratic Republic of Congo Resident in Mozambique, I am a professional Artist Musician. I am married and have children i am actually living in Maputo. I like dealing with internet matter, because I believe in it.


The aim of creating this blog is to share internet resources with friends and readers. In this blog I will be posting articles related to crypto, blockchain, technology and many more. I am an honest guy ,anything I will be posting here is true in case it is a bounty project topic or any of this kind. I would like readers to take my post seriously because of the love I may show for resolving some financial issues with my proper experience or through the business I am doing or pass-through. Thank you.

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