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 The levelnaut Company has many types of coins launched in the crypto industry ,these 26 coins are a mixture of fairy and ordinary coins, These coins are located in the advertisement site called < ELVEN LAND > but for a specific reason we are going to talk a little bit about The < FAIRY COINS > in the Elven land only.

The Elven coin project still carrying an inderteminated number of projetcs covering his man coin Elven, this project is build in a particular business conception ,the three axes that supported this mighty projects are : his advertisement platform, ( Elven land ), his investment platform ( ) and his social media platform ( Poziturbo ), this features are the one which bring difference and give wide access for this Company to over throw the challenge that can reduce his visibility in the internet .

The fairy coins are based tokens of Elven land platform alongside with the multitude of others actives tokens .their specificies 

are the domains they belong to.they are magic , inspiratives, and lovely and their administrators shall be proud to manage them as you to future partner, in saying true since the night of time such a product never been seen in the crypto space, Currently the list of these tokens are being fortified as all project the result can be seen over the few coming years ,but for saying true this will be a catastroph for those who think they are champion in invention, However as that the world is so wide such a discovery need to reach a great audiance so that the crypto enthusiast may know it.

This job which consist of spreading the news about such product is being managed by a group of fluent guys in the Levelnaut Company and most of the Company's staff are dedicated to write about. The fairy is the sublime ,the majestic,the supreme of all the time legend ,in old time and ever always represent with jewery objects, we can have such objects too with us or ever seen them in nature or also around us people love them admire them ,but such objects never be praised in the crytpto industry ,Companies are getting busy focussing offering services that most people do not understand the meaning

Many people have lost their money by joining investments projects that lack much educational side and as we know when a transaction is made there is no way to refund ,the best thing to do is bringing a project in the public and supported by an utility token, The token is not only for investment ,it can also be integrated in the current life, this is what fairy tokens are representing ,and below we are going to analyse some of them and see what impact they are having in the crypto space. so fasten your belt the fight is about to take off.


1,BRILA : What is Brila ? Brila is a coin for success, and only a citizen of Elven land can invest in a project and the level of the investment is determine by the BRILA FAIRY  member get the coin according to the level of progress and investment he nvolved in

2. FESTA , Festa is also a fairy coin ,you and your guest need this coin if you want to organise a party whatever place

3. JUSTA , is a symbol of quality of the Elven land,

4.NOBLA:Help those who in the past suffered for other projects or businesses,she rewards them by giving them an oportunity to have a new start.

5.UTILA : this coin of the fairy Utila by his cryptocurrency Utila rewards information about everthing that is useful for Elven landers ( life hacks,tips,recycling,disposal)by voting and making with special < stars >

6.WANDY, It is produced by the fairy wand and is used to help wishes come true.

7.XENA, Is the coin of fairy for hospitality XENIA ,Elven landers will be able to donate Xenia coin to the place they had rested beside of the tips,this coin is for tourism industry

Only these coins can overhelm those who will hear talking about around these coins will sincerly bring a new touch in the crypto space  and people will like abundantly . For more information check the link below :Official website
All Elven Land Coins
Elven Coin Groups and Chats
All Elven Land Ambassadors 

or : 

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