By Abali Ikulu | Rocket | 19 Jul 2021


 What do you think You may represent in the cryptocurrency world yourself ? are you a geant? a weak one ? a taller,a stronger ? What do you stand for ? 

The reality of today projects most do not meet people expectations in various areas including the cryptocurrency , All rush about gettting money so fast without thinking of educating their users , projects managers care less for that  may be they have no time for that or they intend to adapted themselves in today lifestyle. However in life we all  stand for somethingit can be   business, lottery,sport,music,passion and many more,So by doing that we do our best to setup all necessary knowledge that we have to achieve our goal.

Up now none of the coin in cryptocurrency world represent something, What BTC stand for ? What Ethereum stand for? What is the specific role of XRP in the crypto industry/ , we trade them , invest ,make transaction and Oops we are done. Why do people think alike ? Where can the wisdom comes ? Some of us are of those who chooses to do things that the common one cannot understand, why ? because we are far different  and because of that we seem to be a little bit in advence from those who think we are crazy.

Imagine being among those who their mind is open for an unlimitate ranges of knowledges thus in various domains, isn't this   amazing? ,by doing that our senses to revolutionate this world grow contantly. 


What next ?you search and your curiosity can bring  you to somewhere because your destiny lies in someone hands, as that in this actual world we relay to our mate most for our sustainability,If you , use to see people doing things on your behalf that is wrong ,other people don't do that They do all they can just to leavee their trace before they leave this world, so they go far in their thought s far that at a point that they invention drives you mad > I am going to bring you here : The elven land where all begun with their coin that stand for Worldwide events.


levelnaut have brought a tones of new projects in the cryptocurrency industry ,  and we will talk about how those coins can impact our actual activities . FESTA is called  sometimes : <the coin of the fairy >,this coin organizes all sort of parties,,meetings,meetup,organizes festive events and also participates in those events that you organize . In elven land we call it :<Elvents> a sort of reward for participating in this event you guessed it and come with Festa coins,meaning if you have enough Festa coins you can go to any party or holiday in the world.

This is the identity of the mighty fairy coin in the elven land as that the world is recovering slowly we believe that many crypto enthusiasts will hurry to use it , but at elven land there are also other creatives coins that can interest you the most. I believe that partying is your hobby if you do not want to go abroad just do it closer with neighbors , but at first your interest and  your devotion to this project should  specify your position ,We grant you a great consideration for  your presence among us. 

For more information visit : Surprises await you. 

you can also visit :

or join any of this groups : . Thank you 


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Abali Ikulu
Abali Ikulu

I am Mr Ikulu Abali from Democratic Republic of Congo Resident in Mozambique, I am a professional Artist Musician. I am married and have children i am actually living in Maputo. I like dealing with internet matter, because I believe in it.


The aim of creating this blog is to share internet resources with friends and readers. In this blog I will be posting articles related to crypto, blockchain, technology and many more. I am an honest guy ,anything I will be posting here is true in case it is a bounty project topic or any of this kind. I would like readers to take my post seriously because of the love I may show for resolving some financial issues with my proper experience or through the business I am doing or pass-through. Thank you.

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