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Greetings readers,

After a few days of playing and using the trick mentioned in this article so that I can get my daily quest done, I had a bit of good luck. The daily reward dropped a foil card, which I immediately proceeded to sell on the market. The sale proceeds netted me 2 241 DEC. 


The reason for selling the card was two-fold:

  • By itself it was not strong enough to carry games and therefore did not help with the immediate challenges I faced with building a more reliable team, despite being foil;
  • I could use the sale proceeds to buy some of the cards that would help.

So I proceeded with buying the following cards for a total cost of 1 794 DEC.


Yes, I did only realize after I have bought the cards that in order to use the higher levels of the card you need to have a level 2 or even 3 summoner for that particular splinter. When checking the market for summoner cards I realized these are more expensive (for obvious reasons) and I can thus not afford them. 

These cards have now given me a fighting chance and I have actually been able to take down higher-ranked players with careful positioning of the troops and clever use of the chicken. The problem however was that the success with winning a few games resulted in my rank jumping and then hitting more and more high ranked players that I could not beat. 

So no I use a mix of the strategy of surrendering immediately and fighting only when having a fighting chance. I am at least getting my daily quest done, but not earning too much DEC. As it seems, the more ranked games you play (win/lose/surrender) your DEC capture rate gets lower. Whatever, can't have the cake and eat it too. 

Take care


PS: For a better idea on what cards to buy I checked out this article on Publish0x which was quite good. Check it out and leave a tip. 

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