LEE AARON (hard rock, rock, jazz)

LEE AARON (hard rock, rock, jazz)

By JohnnyBJoe | Rock-o-pedia | 8 Aug 2019

own name: Karen Lynn Greening, born in Belleville/Ontario/Canada
1982: released debut album THE LEE AARON PROJECT 
Lee Aaron (voc.), Buzz Shearman (voc.), Dave Aplin (g.), Rik Emmett (g.), Rick Santers (g.), Earl Johnson (g.), Frank Soda (g.), John Albani (g.), George Bernhardt (g.), Gene Stout (bg.), Rick Lazaroff (bg.), Peter Crolly (bg.), Jack Meli (bg.), Bill Wade (dr.), Mark Santers (dr.), Glen Gratto (dr.), Randy Infuso (dr.)
1983: live in UK with Sam Thunder, live at Reading festival
1984: released METAL QUEEN 
Lee Aaron (voc.), John Albani (g.), George Bernhardt (g.), Jack Meli (bg.), Attila Demjen (dr.), Frank Russell (dr.)
1985: EU-tour with Kiss and Bon Jovi, live at Heavy Sound Fest in Belgium
1985: released CALL OF THE WILD 
Lee Aaron (voc.), John Albani (g.), Simon Brierley (g.), Spyder Sinnaeve (bg.), Bob Ezrin (keyb.), Jerry Mercer (dr.)
1986: live at Out In The Green Fest
1987: released LEE AARON
Lee Aaron (voc.), John Albani (g.), Chris Brockway (bg.), Jimi Gelcer (keyb.), Randy Cooke (dr.)
1989: released BODYROCK
Lee Aaron (voc.), John Albani (g.), Matthew Gerrard (bg.), Scott Humphrey (dr. programming, bg.)
1991: released SOME GIRLS DO
Lee Aaron (voc.), John Albani (g.), Rob Laidlaw (bg.), Lou Pomanti (keyb.), Randy Cooke (dr.)
1994: released EMOTIONAL RAIN
Lee Aaron (voc.), John Albani (g.), Knox Chandler (g.), Reeves Gabrels (g.), Don Harrison (g.), Don Binns (bg.), Don Short (dr.), Kim Deschamp (mandolin)
1995: EU-tour with Thunder and China
1996: released LEE AARON & 2PRECIIOUS
Lee Aaron (voc.), Don H. (g.), Don B. (bg.), Don S. (dr.), Vince Jones (keyb.), Tim Ashworth (cello)
2000: released SLICK CHICK
Lee Aaron (voc.), Don Harrison (g.), Danny Parker (bg.), Jane Miliken (keyb.), Don Short (dr.), Graham Howell (sax.), Jimmy Pinchin (sax.), Steve Darville (congas)
2004: released BEAUTIFUL THINGS
Lee Aaron (voc., keyb.), Stephen Nikleva (g.), Joel Kroeker (g.), Jonathan Anderson (g.), Chris Paul (g.), Rob Becker (bg.), John Bews (bg.), Michael Kaeshammer (piano), Jane Milliken (piano), Graham Howell (sax.), John Cody (dr.)
2016: (25. 03.) released FIRE AND GASOLINE
Lee Aaron (voc.), Sean Kelly (g.), Dave Reimer (bg.), John Cody (dr.)
2018: (27. 04.) released DIAMOND BABY BLUES
Lee Aaron (voc.), Sean Kelly (g.), Dave Reimer (bg., John Webster (keyb.), John Cody (dr.)


The Lee Aaron Project - 1982 - Freedom

Under Your Spell / Lonely For Your Love / Night Riders / Texas Outlaw / I Like My Rock Hard / I Just Wanna Make Love To You / Runnin` From His Love / Should Have Known / Took Your Heart Away

Bonus track: Under The Stars (live)


Metal Queen - 1984 - Attic

Metal Queen / Lady Of The Darkest Night / Head Above Water / Got To Be The One / Shake It Up / Deceiver / Steal Away Your Love / Hold Out / Breakdown / We Will Be Rockin`


Call Of The Wild - 1985 - Attic

Rock Me All Over / Runnin` From The Fire / Champion / Barely Holdin` On / Burnin` Love / Line Of Fire / Beat `Em Up / Paradise / Evil Game / Danger Zone / Hot To Be Rocked

Re-issue bonus track: Call Of The Wild


Lee Aaron - 1987 - Attic

Powerline / Hands Are Tied / Only Human / Empty Heart / Number One / Don`t Rain On My Parade / Goin` Off The Deep End / If This Is Love / Eye For An Eye / Heartbeat Of The World / Dream With Me


Bodyrock - 1989 - Attic

Nasty Boyz / Yesterday / Gotta Thing For You / Rock Candy / Tough Girls Don`t Cry / Sweet Talk / Rock The Hard Way / Shame / Whatcha Do To My Body / Hands On / Rebel Angel / How Deep


Some Girls Do - 1991 - Attic

Some Girls Do / Crazy In Love / Hands Off The Merchandise / Wild At Heart / Sex With Love / (You Make Me) Wanna Be Bad / Tuff Love / Motor City Boy / Love Crimes / Can`t Stand The Heat / Dangerous / Tell Me Somethin` Good / Peace On Earth


Powerline - 1992 - Attic (compilation)

I Like My Rock Hard / Texas Outlaw / Metal Queen / Lady Of The Darkest Night / Barely Holdin` On / Rock Me All Over / Powerline / Only Human / Whatcha Do To My Body / Nasty Boyz / Hands On / Sweet Talk / Some Girls Do / Sex With Love / Peace On Earth


Emotional Rain - 1994 - Hipchic Music Inc.

Odds Of Love / Baby Go Round / Fire In Your Flame / Waterfall / Inside / Raggedy Jane / Soul In Motion / Emotional Rain / Judgement Day / Heaven / Cry / Had Enough

Europe release bonus tracks: Concrete & Ice / Strange Alice


Lee Aaron & 2Preciious - 1996 - Spastic Plastic Corporation

Crawl / Superbitch / Come On Song / My Machine / Mascara / Misenchanted / Black Metal Jesus / Here / Obsolete / Shed / Strange Alice / Dying Star


Slick Chick - 2000 - Barking Dog Music

He Ain`t Got Rhythm / Evil Gal Blues / I`d Love To / Why Don`t You Do Right / Chaser For The Blues / Doodlin` / Slick Chick / TV Is The Thing This Year / In The Dark / Twisted / Teach Me Tonight / Small Day Tomorrow / Tell Him I Said Hello


Beautiful Things - 2004 - Faithful Productions

Museum / Joan Of Arc / The Why Song / Boy Glory / Faith, Hope, Truth, Love / Heart Shaped Whole / Private Billie Holiday / Handcuffed To A Fence In Mississippi / Beautiful Things / Lo & Behold / Silent Serenade / Do I Move You


Fire And Gasoline - 2016 - Big Sister Records

Tom Boy / Fire And Gasoline / Wanna Be / Bitter Sweet / Popular / 50 Miles / Bad Boyfriend / Heart Fix / Nothing Says Everything / If You Don’t Love Me Anymore / Find The Love


Diamond Baby Blues - 2018 - Big Sister Records

Diamond Baby / Mistreated / American High / I’m A Woman / Miss Mercy / The Best Thing / Black Cat / Hard Road / In The Bedroom / Cut Way Back / You’re No Good / My Baby

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