tokenpcs, opening a door for passive income

By roborob30 | Roborobsopinion | 19 Aug 2020


Passive crypto?

We live in a time where crypto is finding its way up again, and things are starting to look positive for the future.
Thats where several platforms, like come in, and offer new and profitable ways to gain more interest in the cryptoworld.
With both an app and online exchange platform, is currently slowly taking over the market with their additional cards, up to 20% staking rewards!! per year and much more!





The Native coin of is CRO, currently selling at $0.16 and with the option to lock, and start earning with 5000 CRO as your deposit.


There is also the option to  stake on your app, instead of the exchange platform you only need 1000 CRO to start with, payouts are every week and add up pretty fast.



on the syndicate page of the exchange platform, there are different types of offers and ofcourse more ways to earn different coins,

with for this month a special BTC event of wich i will post a new article later this week, but to keep you triggered up here's  the screenshot:

crypsnip3 also offers you to earn even more if you join their monthly events with great rewards and CRO!


CARDS: offers you an amazing deal if you order one of their cards, after downloading their App on the playstore of Google and Apple.
With offers of up to 5%! cashback when you use your card for different purchases and groceries.


Give it a try and let me know what you think of my first post, ill be covering more exciting cryptonews on a daily basis with many more cool ways to earn a decent extra for your piggybank





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