Robonomics Network Community Incentive Program

By Diana King | Robonomics Network | 10 Dec 2020

First of all, I and the Robonomics team would love to appreciate your contribution to the development of our network. As the Robonomics Network rapidly develops within the Polkadot ecosystem, core DAO developers highlight the importance of supporting the Robonomics community.

With the launch of the Robonomics Web Services beta test, Robonomics Network is shifting to a higher growth phase. To reward the Robonomics community, Robonomics DAO came up with the idea of a community incentive program.

Robonomics community incentive program goal is to provide developers, ambassadors, and influencers with XRT for their contributions.

Thus, the core Robonomics DAO allocated 10.000 XRT under the management of the marketing department representative. Those funds will be under the control of Robonomics marketing DAO. Who is responsible for rewarding developers and communicating with ambassadors & influencers.

Developers, engineers, and researchers, as the core drive force of the robotics industry, will get rewards for research and development activities based on Robonomics Network.

Learn more about the Developers' incentive program here.

Spread the Word of Robonomics Network across the globe to increase the awareness of the worldwide robots economy.

Learn more about the Ambassadors & Influencers incentive program here.

To participate in the Ambassadors & Influencers program, one needs to write an email with the proposal to the representatives of the Robonomics marketing team. Ambassadors could also introduce Robonomics Network to different parties and get rewards depending on the agreement between DAO and Ambassador.

Email for inquiries: [email protected]. Mark in the topic of the email: 'Publish0x: incentive program participation.'

Our team is looking forward to collaborating with you!

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Diana King
Diana King

PR, marketing specialist for crypto projects, editor, journalist, producer and good person.

Robonomics Network
Robonomics Network

Robonomics Network is an open-source platform that connects IoT devices under the control of Ethereum and Polkadot networks. Over the last six years, 13 application scenarios have been implemented on its basis, including management of drone fleets in a decentralized network, tokenization of data from IoT devices, robot-artist Gaka-chu, road space negotiation for autonomous cars and many other significant use cases.

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