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Jordan Peterson : Modern Philosopher for All

By NickytheClone | Road Work | 24 Jan 2022

        Let me start by saying that I believe Jordan Peterson to be a genius. A professor specializing in Psychology at The University of Toronto, Peterson has drawn quite a cult following of men that are in search of guidance. He also has accomplished quite a fanbase of people that feel the pressures of authoritarianism throughout the west. This stems from Peterson's citation by Canadian officials for his refusal to use a pronoun that had never made its way into his vocabulary prior to the incident. Jordan Peterson was instantaneously and embarrassingly cast as an alt-right. Refusing to give up his free speech rights cast him into the role of a villian. Every interview that ensued seemed to be conducted by close-minded people that were eager to attack Peterson with ill formed opinions and illogical deductions. Peterson put his interviewers to shame if you ask me. He did it in a non-pretentious manner too. 

          Youtube is the best platform to watch Peterson work his magic. If you want to see him at his best, catch him on "The Joe Rogan Experience". Rogan, an alltime defender of free speech, asks Peterson legitimte questions that open conflict without aggresive attack to Peterson's character. You can also catch Peterson's interview with comedian, Theo Von. Von's podcast, entitled, "This Past Weekend" encourages people of all walks of life to let their hair down in a substantially effective manner. Theo Von, with his southern charm and quick wit, wins his audience over easily. I feel that if you don't like Theo Von, you aren't a fan of comedy. 

       Jordon Peterson has written two books. His debut manifesto was entitled, "Maps of Meaning" in which he spent several years studying political and societal histories to compile a philosophical compilation of how we think based on our location in the world. I have not personlly read this book as a hard copy remains so expensive in the marketplace. I have although purchased and read his second book "12 Rules for Life : An Antiote to Chaos". This book I recommend to anybody. Although Peterson influences young men more than any audience, his advice can be heeded by any intellectual being, especially ones interested in philosophy. 

       I will allow you to form your own opinion of Dr. Jordan Peterson. I will not say any more about his character. I will only say tht the world is in dire need of more people that have the gumption to express themelves in the manner that this man does.

Peterson on Joe Rogan Experience

Rogan Experience #2

Rogan Experience #3

Theo Von Highlights with Peterson

Peterson's Most famous interview with Cathy Newman

And, please bring on those dislikes, baby! There's always gonna be those that want their governments to rule them hard. 

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