Tap Global - The revolutionary crypto/fintech company [Special Bonus Included]

Tap is an innovative, easy-to-use crypto app that helps bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology.
Tap enables you to use your cryptocurrency assets for everyday purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM just like a traditional debit card which is linked to your crypto wallet.
Tap comes in bringing the power of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial system.
Tap offers blockchain-enabled payment products that are linked directly to a user's crypto wallet,
we make it easy for people who have crypto assets
to spend them on everyday transactions.

As of today their sign up bonus is doubled to 6€/5£ for a limited time only! 

Every successfully verified Tap customer also receives a free physical + virtual card with no delivery costs!

The offer doesn't require you to deposit any money and the bonus can be instantly withdrawn after passing the KYC.

The steps are simple:

  1. Register via the promo link:

  2. Enter the TNG code: TNG-475-969-57DD

  3. Complete the KYC process

  4. Receive the bonus instantly after you've passed KYC (might take a day)

When you are creating your account double check if the promo code is filled in correctly because it gets lost sometimes even if you are doing everything right.. TNG-475-969-57DD

You can withdraw the bonus to another crypto wallet at any point or load your tap virtual to transfer the funds for free to another fintech app.

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Road to Financial Freedom
Road to Financial Freedom

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