[Limited Offer] Earn £20 + £30 with Monese



Hello everyone! You have probably heard of Monese before, it is one of the first and oldest fintech companies out there and similar to Revolut, it lets you spend and transfer money overseas cheaply.

For the holidays they are running a limited bonus increase on their refer-a-friend program.

I have only 11 promo codes left and would recommend you to use one only if you actually plan to complete the requirements written down below, otherwise someone else won't get the chance to do so.

The reward is split in 2 parts and is currently boosted to £20/£30 instead of the usual £5/£15 reward.

The bonus cash is funded instantly to your account after completing the steps below.

  • Order a physical card (make sure you fill in the correct address and P.O. box so it doesn't get lost)
  • Sign up to Monese using the referral link:
  • Go to the Promotions tab from the Menu on the top left side and enter the code ZHENE345 to make sure you are counted for the bigger bonus (I messed up mine a while ago)

To receive the first bonus of £20 you have to:

  • Make a single transaction (if you wish, you can use the virtual card for this part while waiting for the physical one)
  • Activate the physical card when it arrives and make a transaction if you haven't done it with the virtual card.

To receive the second bonus of £30 you have to:

  • Spend more than £500 in total. (You can do this without rushing since there is no actual requirement on the timeframe nor the number of transactions)

The promotion is only available in these countries:

🇦🇹 Austria; 🇧🇪 Belgium; 🇧🇬 Bulgaria; 🇭🇷 Croatia; 🇨🇾 Cyprus; 🇨🇿 Czech Republic; 🇩🇰 Denmark; 🇪🇪 Estonia; 🇫🇮 Finland; 🇩🇪 Germany; 🇬🇷 Greece; 🇭🇺 Hungary; 🇮🇸 Iceland; 🇮🇪 Ireland; 🇮🇹 Italy; 🇱🇻 Latvia; 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein; 🇱🇹 Lithuania; 🇱🇺 Luxembourg; 🇲🇹 Malta;          🇳🇴 Norway; 🇵🇹 Portugal; 🇷🇴 Romania; 🇸🇰 Slovakia; 🇸🇮 Slovenia; 🇪🇸 Spain; 🇸🇪 Sweden; 🇬🇧 UK

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