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It's Been 8 Days Since My Last Update, We're Getting There Finally!

So with a bit of an up n down week I have managed to land myself on just over 2k bfg which is approx. 2% of where my target goal is. I'm also 89% towards the next VIP level which will double my cashback rewards meaning more wagering and more mining BFG. My last update I was approx. 1800 BFG so I've seen a good +200 BFG added to my account with very little in terms of deposits or wagering with only 1 small slot session of $25.
I'm finally getting a foothold into the site and with me now earning some dividends it helps towards the wagering every day and once I reach my goal of 100k BFG I should be able to freeroll daily on the slots for a mini session.

Wagering Strategies For You

Currently I am running the most simple wagering strategies, no martingale or increasing bet on loss, that is a quick way to bust out regardless of how low you set the increase.... Trust me, I've tried....
Keno: I find this is the best game for wagering as it can potentially pay out 1000x your bet and the minimum pay is 1.1x. This in the long run will help us to recover a few losses and keep us wagering. Here's something I tested out with a few bnbtoshi's...

8000 bnbtoshi total balance = 400 bnbtoshi bet size as this gives me 20 straight losses. I set the number of spins to 1000 and then let it run on fast mode with no audio in another tab. After my first 1000 spins I hit around 11k bnbtoshi (was in profit) and of course 1000*400 = 400k bnbtoshi wagered! Pretty impressive wagering if you ask me!!! Give it a go and see what you think, hopefully it can help you mine more BFG!!!

Until the next update.... Wishing you all the best of luck!!!

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