Episode #1 - Road To 1m BFG Tokens - The Start & Free Betting Money For You!

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The Road To 1m BFG!

You may not know but offer everyone free crypto to gamble with on their website which is totally free, just visit the boxes section after logging in to your account. What's even better is that for every satoshi, eth, bnb, etc. wagered you will receive their in-house token BFG. This token generates dividends in crypto currency for you every 24 hours!!! The more BFG you have the more your dividends will be, check out the current rates below:


The dividends you are paid for holding 1m BFG currently are as above, so you would be quite happy to have that lil top up to your crypto account...

Learn more about BFG by visiting the BetFury website.

My Current Status

I have been playing (wagering) for around 1 week with a previous deposit withdraw test and all is good to go. I deposited approx. 30 usdt to play on some of the megaways slots and decided to buy a legacy of RA bonus and this happened... Yep that's USDT!!!


With that win I withdrew it instantly and have banked another $80 win and totalled £300 ($415) withdrawn into my bank which stands me in very good stead for not losing any money on my road to 1m BFG, let's hope you get a good start like this too!

My current status after 1 week of half assed play and my BFG balance is currently at...


I do believe that once I get into the swing of things and play daily that I should be able to hopefully average around 10k BFG plus. This will start fast tracking me as I will be using my dividends to complete extra wagering for mining more BFG.

Stay tuned as I will be posting regular updates on my progress, and if you want your own road to 1m BFG then join up at BetFury and get some free crypto to start your journey today

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Road To 1m BFG Token BetFury
Road To 1m BFG Token BetFury

Join me as I go from 0 to 1m BFG tokens on BetFury

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