Why selling your CUBs is STUPID!

Why selling your CUBs is STUPID!

By theatdhe | Technical Analysis! | 26 Mar 2021


I haven't been the earliest bird on CUB finance but I can say that I was one of the first. And I don't wanna brag but "oh man those were the times"...the interest was extraordinary.
Nothing is forever, nor good or bad things last for a unlimited time...but I can say that CUB still does provide very good even after halvening.
To have a picture of what I'm talking about, check the % of interest in the picture below.


Party isn't really over, yet. You can actually buy CUBs now before it's too late. With all the crazy announcements that @khaleelkazi is making it's just a matter of time when you will see CUB mooning.

Cubdefi is defining the world of DeFi and the Bridge project it's one of a kind thing.

This is not the only thing that should push you to invest in CUB, Cubfinance is way much more than that.

I'll show you the charts later but keep in mind, big investors are tired of banks ripping them off of their profits and their own capital. DeFi gives them the power to control their own money and put them into work.

What do you think happens to your money when you put them into your bank account?

You pay the bank for keeping them safe, you pay a transaction for putting them there and also another transaction when you want to take them off of there and way more things that they actually make you pay for. When they take your money it's them who puts it into work! They loan that money and get interest from it, while you don't get anything else but your own money minus the fees that I mentioned above.

With DeFi, this is a whole different story, in DeFi it is you who is the master of your money and you are the bank that constantly makes money.

Let's see some charts:


We do see that Cub reached the bottom, Diamond Paws protected the price and now we have formed a Wedge. What I expect from Cub in the next days is just to follow my arrows. We will see the 6$ soon, but soon can be a month from now or more. @kahleelkazi knows the best what soon means.
I'd like to know though what @onealfa.leo things of this technical analysis of mine!

Today, I won't be asking what do you think about CUB, today I will say don't chicken out, investors make money while 99% of people lose them because they chicken out.



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Technical Analysis!

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