VeChain AMA: 5-Personal Key Points

By CryptoFallen | Richard_Tom | 1 Jul 2019

30th June, Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain conducted an hour long live AMA with the community in an open heart to heart AMA with the community which was then joined along side with an adviser and now CEO of OceanEx (Cryptocurrency Exchange) Nan.

First off, props to Sunny Lu, in being able to conduct a long AMA with the community, that there takes a lot of dedication regardless of the troubles that came with the stream as the reception wasn’t that great.

The whole AMA has been uploaded by a community member and can be found on his YouTube channel if you’d like to watch, thanks to bsc44 for the upload:

Part 1:

Part 2:

I picked a few key points that I found to be the biggest parts of the AMA which I feel most will know already but still wanted to share anyhow. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are of these highlighted key points from the AMA:

1. $25 million USD VET buyback over next 12 months

By far this was and has to be the biggest news that was covered in the AMA, regardless of which even though I’m a long term believer of the project, it ensures confidence when Sunny and Team believe in there own project that they do a buy back, but it may be seen as negative as well due to the nature of some see this as a way of pushing ones token up to make it valuable, but in my own opinion, the VET token is really already really under-valued. With all the real #ValuableTXs it already produces, alongside all the great partnerships it has built via relationships with DNGVL & PWC to name some of many, it is a given. Enterprise solutions take time to onboard.

2. Other Authority Nodes Identity?

Sunny stated that 15–20 Authority nodes will be ready to reveal who they are soon. As this is not a decision by VeChain, the announcement will come when node holders are ready!

This is great news as it shows the community not only trust and transparency, but the excitement of knowing that big enterprises are utilizing the VeChain blockchain, day to day civilization will not be aware that they are using blockchain as Sunny envisioned last year. His hard work is now starting to show the fruits of his labor, awesome and can’t wait!

The rest can be read on my original post:


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