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By richardquo | richard_eng | 16 Oct 2020

Today I want to share an interesting versus between Publish0x and read.chash.

For those who do not know Publish0x, it is a platform for reading and writing blogs and posts where you can get cryptos (BAT, ETH, LRC) simply by reading posts and providing tips. Another option that it allows is that you become an author and can publish your own and thus obtain some extra money.

Now, this comparison that I will do is nothing more than a personal experience, obviously there are people who obtain more income on one platform than on another and vice versa.

Now to the point!


From what I could experience today, has led the way for "several weeks / days" a luck of 6w / 1d, so I'll call it, read.chash did in 1 day what Publish0x does in 6 weeks (being author and reader). EYE! clarify! They are only the first 4 posts in all my activity on these two platforms!

The comparisons !:



The Winner is! read.chash

We read!

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