!Oh no!! Bitcoin tax!

By richardquo | richard_eng | 12 Nov 2020

In the country of taxes, cryptocurrencies cannot be exempt.

The deputies of both largest political parties (Frente de Todos, and Juntos por el Cambio), carry out a bill that will try to regulate the purchase and sale of crypto assets. On the side of the "Frente de Todos", is Liliana Schwindt who will raise this same Friday, November 13, the bill that has two main objectives:

*Ensure the safety of cryptocurrency users.
*Fighting tax evasion is one of the objectives of this initiative.

Obviously the first goal is purely fantasy.


Gonzálo Blousson, CEO at Signatura and former president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, described the project as "a jerk", and that the initiative of this project has no head or tail.

On the other hand, the deputy Ignacio Torres, from "Together for Change" will also raise a similar project with the aim of "recognizing cryptocurrencies as a financial asset." For his part, he clarified that the regulation is not contemplated, because that is an attribution of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) and not of the Legislative Power. In other words, whoever regulates it must be the entity in charge of collecting money from taxes.

Without more, small savers will have to look again for new ways to back our assets in more ways.



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