Earnings of 50% in AR$ and 35% in U$D with

By richardquo | richard_eng | 24 Oct 2020

Hello dear compatriots without a space helmet, again I bring you good news for many of us, Argentines, who invest our savings in bitcoins, through the platform If you want to know about my experience a few days ago trying it here I leave the link: HERE

Well, as you know the price of btc reached US $ 13,200 this week, caused by Paypal ads. So many of us started to witness the expected upswing and start trading.


As a recommendation in the previous post (or at least my experience) is to leave a "cushion" of bitcoins and gradually withdraw the profits and anchor them in dollars or DAIs. Indeed, with these ups and downs of the price of btc, I have already achieved a profit of almost 50% in Argentine pesos, and about 35% in dollars. For now they will be stuck in DAIs until they start a decline. Remember that investing or anchoring our Argentine pesos in dollars is the only solution not to lose their value so badly hit by devaluation and inflation. We read!

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