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Is the RollerCoin Season Pass Worth it?

By RHBW | Wide World of Stuff | 17 Aug 2021

Hi all!

In my last post, I wrote about this mining simulator game called Rollercoin. And so far, I am still very much into it. The rewards are slow but so are all rewards on free crypto games or faucets. But with my time spent playing Rollercoin, something does bug me. And it is the focus on this post, and that is the price and quests of the Rollercoin season pass. 

Rollercoin has a season pass system that is seen in almost every popular video game series out there from Call of Duty, Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Valorant. But the price of this pass is crazy! It cost 149.99 RLT (Rollertoken, the games currency) and that is equivalent to $149 USD. That is a hefty price to pay for a simulator game. Now, the pass has to be more expensive than most video game season passes because Rollercoin gives out free rewards, but close to $150?! 

Now, the price is hefty but maybe the rewards justify it? As you level up in the pass you can get free miners that keep your power up without playing mini games, you can get free power for a day up to 3 PH/s, and up to 34 free RLTs. The free RLTs are nice, makes the price of the pass only $114 USD. But to get all of the rewards you have to progress through the weekly quests to get XP. You can get up to 150 XP a week but you'll be hard press to get that because two quests EACH WEEK require you go have someone sign up using your referral code! 

So you know please sign up??? :)  

Joking aside, that is a really punch to the gut. If you can't complete all of the weekly quests, it will be real hard for you to make it through the whole pass. Which means you wont be getting that free 35 RLTs. You might get 10-20 if you play enough. 

Back to the other rewards, the miners. Since miners can net you passive power to mine blocks, you could earn some tokens that way. Using a site called Rollerbuddy, I calculated the rewards I would make in a month using just the miners in the season pass. The miners give you a total of 867,000 GH/s or 867 TH/s. If this was your power for the month and the total network power was 14 EH/s for RLT you would make 8 RLTs a month. That means it would take you over a year to break even with the cost of the season pass. Now you could still play mini games to raise your power a little or reinvest the RLT you get each month and buy more miners. But then, it may take you longer to break even. 

Take all this info and make your own decisions. I will continue play this game and try to get enough miners to maybe make buying the season pass worth it in the end. And honestly, this game is just a good time waster. It gives me something to do when I am just waiting for others. 

Thank you all for reading and look below for other free crypto offers and faucets! Remember if you want to try Rollercoin, use my referral if you want! 

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