Top 5 Aikido Mistakes Everyone makes

Top 5 Aikido Mistakes Everyone makes

By Rezoanul Vibes | rezoanulvibes | 8 Aug 2019

You are practicing Aikido and there are some mistakes that you are doing, but you find it hard to realize that. When you think you are doing it right, but you do not see it working, that means something is wrong. Even if you have been practicing Aikido for a long time, you might make some of these mistakes.

Let's watch this video and hear from Aikido professional.

The most surprising and interesting thing is, there are some common mistakes that you make, no matter which martial art you practice. Let's keep reading to know about that.

You are not fast enough
You know the technique. You do it perfectly. But if you are not fast enough, it might not work for you. When you are going to apply the technique, your opponent gets a chance to attack or make a different move only because he gets the time for that. If you are doing it fast, he will not have a chance to do anything. Speed matters.

Coordination with your body
When you make any move whether it is punch, kick, block, counter-attack, it is supposed to coordinate with your body. Your whole body is behind the move that you make. In this way, you can generate more power and your opponent finds it difficult to defend. Sometimes you don't see your body function with your move and that's a mistake.


Look at your opponent
When you execute any technique, your eyes have to be on your opponent, not on his hand, leg or anywhere. If you look and focus on his hands, you might miss when he kicks. As a result, you are unable to defend that kick. Likewise, if you look at his legs, he can punch you and without realizing what's going on, you just get the hit. So you know the technique, but you do not focus on your opponent, that's why you are not good at defending and striking.

Not doing the technique properly
You know how to do it properly, but when you practice with your training partner, he reacts what effect he is supposed to have, and you are not doing the technique completely. Maybe he is used to doing training with you or he is not stronger than you. It might work with him. But it will not work with other people. You can do the technique properly and completely.

You are just not doing it right
Yes, the technique does not work because you are just not doing it right. Your stance, hands, legs, and body have to be in a certain place to make the technique work for you. You think you are doing it right, but you are not. Most probably, there is a little mistake in your technique. The fact is, you see everything, but you cannot see yourself completely unless you stand in front of a mirror. You can see the mirror where you are training. The mirror is there for a reason. Let's find out your mistake and do it right.

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