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Everything You Should Be Using In Crypto: Part 4/4 - Trackers, Fiat to Crypto, & Random Necessities

By walkonwayvs | Crypto Related Reviews | 20 Aug 2020

What is good my 24 hour crypto people. What an incredibly distasteful and phenomenally artistic thumbnail. This is part four of a four-part series. So make sure you have tissues on hand for the feels because I'm already getting emotional. The intention behind this article series is to compile what I think are some of the best resources in the crypto space for anything and everything someone might need in a simple and succinct fashion so that people can take this information and make more educated decisions about which products/services/protocols to use. My hope is that you can keep coming back to this article series as your journey through the cryptoverse continues. So bookmark these articles and I look forward to having you read these words in the future. That reminded me of the time me and Draco Malfoy talked about the illusion of time and the nature of reality. But I'll save that story for another time.

*But right now I should warn you yet again: there will be many referral links throughout this series. Most will only benefit you, others will benefit the both of us, and a very select few will either benefit only me or neither of us. Not financial advice yadda yadda be the change you want to see in the world and help old ladies cross the street and all that.*


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Part 4/4 - Trackers, Fiat to Crypto, & Random Shit


There are actually lambos I shit you not.



Portfolio Tracking - I love Zerion and this is one of my most frequented bookmarks. Needs web3 aka MetaMask wallet connection. They have one of the best overall portfolio overview sections and a transaction history section that is 17.3x easier to comprehend than etherscan. You can also see a little bit about various pools that you're in but for a better option on that shit slide down to the next option below. - Web3 wallet connection required again. The zapper platform is really nice for details regarding your liquidity pool dealings but it doesn't encompass everything which is why I use both of these platforms in tandem because what zapper lacks is where zerion strives and vice versa.

Now Tracker - Personally I have not used this yet as I literally just heard about it from the linked article yesterday. Or maybe it was three years ago next Wednesday depending on when you're reading this. Anyways it's worth a look at but I can't personally vouch for it so proceed with caution - especially at only five reviews on the Google Play Store.

Google/Arcane Sheets - Shoutout to the homie Crypto for Canadians for this little youtube video describing how you can make your own spreadsheet portfolio tracker. This can be done on Google Sheets or Arcane Sheets - the Blockstack aka decentralized office suite option.





Cocoricos - This is hands down the best place to find almost any and every airdrop. Some of them are shit, and some are quality. It's a very user-friendly interface which I really appreciate and they also have a native token which you can use with their partner company type thing called Vave. I've been using this platform for quite a while and definitely recommend it if you think airdrops can be valuable.



Buying Crypto With Fiat


Shakepay - As I Am Canadian this is one of the best options in terms of directly buying BTC or ETH with CAD. Others might disagree but fuck em. It's a quality centralized service and is very beginner friendly. You can also do this thing called Shaking Sats which is awesome.

PayTrie - Again this is for Canadians only as they only trade into/out of CAD but this is where you go to buy stablecoins in Canada. After eighteen-plus (18+ ;)) months in crypto this is how I move my fiat into crypto and I even wrote an article about it. I get the stablecoins sent directly to my metamask wallet and from there I trade on

SwissBorg Wealth App - This app can be used to buy crypto with fiat but I have never used it myself so I cannot vouch for it's awesomeness. It might be a solid option for people not in North America. - Apparently you can buy crypto with fiat on here too but I personally have not done so.



YouTube Channels (Crypto Info)


Chico Crypto - Chico is hands down the best crypto youtuber in the space. If anyone tells you any different they don't know shit. He dives deep into different projects and tells it like it is. He doesn't shill projects or focus on which hot new coin is going to pump next; he's a long term hodler who searches for long lasting quality projects. Consistently puts out five videos a week and one live-stream on Saturdays. Get ready for stuff that no one else in the space talks about, a bit of immature shit talking here and there, lots of egg yolks, and deep next-level research that you won't find anywhere else.

DataDash - This guy is a classic. His videos generally consist of a little bit of TA, general crypto market overviews, and some very valuable insights about the current financial climate outside of crypto. He uses a lot of different technical information and data science models which can offer a very valuable perspective to the markets. Quite often I listen to his videos in headphones while I'm making breakfast in the morning.

Crypto Daily - This fucking guy. This guy doesn't give a fuck and will probably give you the most down-to-earth perspective about the crypto market. His videos literally make me laugh out loud 100% of the time all the time. His videos are generally fairly short, not daily like the name would suggest, consistently hilarious, and he always offers a realistic view of what's going on in the markets without any of the hopium that frequently makes up the bottom 97.3% of crypto youtube.

DeFi Weekly - A new kid on the youtube block; his videos about different defi topics are very educational and easy to understand. A few of his videos have shitty sound because he's a newb in the game but he makes up for it by illustrating what he's talking about which makes otherwise fairly complicated subjects very easy to follow.



YouTube Channels (Funny Crypto Shit)


The Crypto Bubble - This guy makes some pretty awesome crypto joke music with solid videos. Always wearing a space suit, he's actually got some really dope bars here and there with a decent flow. These are the kinds of videos you want to watch after you take a loss or you just want to find some laughter in the absurdity that is the crypto life.

1thousandx - Another joke crypto music channel. Some of these are fucking amazing and some are shit. He's got some real classics like Vitalik Clapping and Bitcoin pls go to moon and some really quality hidden gems like One shitcoin for another shitcoin and Should I buy back? Highly underrated channel.



Random Necessities


CoinGecko - Obviously we gotta have a way to check prices every 35 seconds. CoinMarketCap sucks now because it's Binance owned, but CoinGecko is better anyways because it lists more coins, now has a dope rewards system, and an incredibly useful crypto-to-USD conversion tool for every coin. They also recently added a portfolio feature which I am yet to use but it looks promising.

TradingView - The best place for charts hands down. The free account is amazing and I highly recommend using TradingView not only for looking at charts and drawing lines but also for pinpointing entry/exit points. They have a price label function which you can make different colours which is a great option to visually see when you enter and exit positions. You can then backwards rationalize whether or not your strategies are effective.

Unstoppable Domains - This is like the internet on the blockchain with .crypto domain names that cannot be censored or taken away. These domains also double as a public wallet address that you can link up with a variety of different token addresses. Meaning you can just tell your people to send they crypto to walkonwayvs.crypto instead of  0x4576abe719c6626CaE0c794A142cB3ce7EDB4843 ;)

ETH Gas Station - EDIT: sucks. Refer below.

TxStreet - This is the best way to determine gas prices. Abso-fucking-lutely. I don't use anything else now that I've discovered this one. You can also add your address so that whenever you make a transaction you can actually see your little character dude running to the trains and waiting in line. Very useful and an absolute must-have for any trader.

Bitcoin/ALT Price Calculator - I wasn't going to include this because CoinGecko also has a price conversion tool, but this bitcoin/alt price calculator can be much faster if you bookmark it. Find out how much BTC your fiat will get, and how much your BTC/Satoshis are worth in an instant. Also includes a small number of altcoins.

Percentage Calculator - This is an essential site if you're trading frequently, looking to arbitrage tokens, or are just looking to flex to your friends how much profit you've been making. The best percentage calculator out there hands down. You're welcome.

Weighted Average Calculator - Mostly just used for finding the average price paid for an asset during something like a limit order on an exchange.

Currency Converter - I have this extension on my browser which is the best and easiest fiat currency converter that I've found. Definitely a must-have if you're not in the USA or if you just want to know how many Venezuelan mansions you could buy with the change in your pocket. 




Well there you have it everyone. The final part of my all-encompassing crypto resource guide of everything you should be using. It's been a time. I appreciate everyone's support and if you found value in any of these articles please consider liking them and posting a comment of your favourite song when you were in grade 11. Much like that song might have done on prom night, liking and commenting on this article fondles the algorithm so it looks at me a little differently the next day - in the good way of course. I also welcome criticism from people who dislike my writing so hit me on the face with that too. And yes I know I am well aware I've been told that the thumbnail is in bad taste. I get it. Not everybody has to appreciate groundbreaking art. Van Gogh didn't sell a single painting his entire life. So watch out for this thumbnail in the Louvre once I am dead. Also feel free to share the article series with people who are just starting to get into crypto as an introduction. That would be greatly appreciated jeez I feel like Bernie Sanders at this point hahaha. Stay classy.



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