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Everything You Should Be Using In Crypto: Part 1/4 - Free Crypto

By walkonwayvs | Crypto Related Reviews | 17 Aug 2020

Wow that thumbnail is in such bad taste. So disrespectful. What up Publish0x fam. This will be an extensive resource guide so I hope to make things as succinct and straight-forward as possible. I've gone from a crypto newbie to an obsessed crypto addict over the last year-and-a-half and I've tried it all. I've compiled this four-part series to help other people save time and avoid the frustration that comes with the inherent complexity within the cryptocurrency space. I use every single one of the things listed in this series and if you see that I haven't listed something it either means that I've tried it and it sucks, or that I just don't have the need/desire to use it - most likely because something I've listed already already fulfills that need.

*Also be forewarned: referral links abound. Mostly all will benefit you, some will benefit both you and I, one or two will benefit only me at no expense to you, and a very select few won't benefit either of us.*

I usually always post memes in my articles but this time we going with a more musical variety. Except for the classic lead-in image at the top right here. And honestly that fucking thumbnail?! Damn I'm good. Vitalik just chillin there like it's just another casual Tuesday afternoon.


Part 1/4 - Free Crypto
Part 2/4 - Wallets & Exchanges
Part 3/4 - DeFi

Part 4/4 - Trackers, Fiat to Crypto, & Random Shit


There fucking better be.



Free Crypto (Mobile Apps)


SwissBorg - A BTC prediction app that rewards you with their native token CHSB. They recently released their Wealth App and the token has been doing pretty well. Referral code: MJLYDGY.

Pi Network - Who the fuck knows if this will turn into anything. It's worth a shot. Everyday I open the app, click a button, and then close the app. Done. Invitation code: johnwaters.

Birdchain - Mobile app that I open about once a day to collect free BIRD tokens. This might not go anywhere but it provides a decent opportunity to advertise various referral links that you might have. 

COIN App - You walk/drive/travel anywhere with this puppy turned on and get free crypto. Great for roadtrips etc. I wrote an article about it a while back for more info.

SEEDS Passport - Sign up for the app and you get free coins. Message me on twitter for an invitation as invitations actually cost me coins. Heard about it from this article. No daily tasks, simply register and "plant"/stake your coins. This project has a very grand vision so I hope it works out.

Sora App - Basically the same as above in terms of no daily activity needed. The native app of XOR which is going to be a massive token in the future. Every day you get voting tokens for future projects which when voted on, will lead to free coins. Unfortunately they don't have any projects to vote on atm.


Free Crypto (Social Platforms)


Publish0x - Honestly I probably spend too much time on this crypto blogging platform. Information overload is a real thing so be aware of that. But Publish0x is a love of mine. We go on dates and we don't wear masks.

Creary - Hands down the best cryptocurrency art social network. Not about NFT's, Creary is it's own blockchain and there are some really talented artists on here. If you make art, you should be using this platform. I've been on Instagram for over two years and haven't made one penny, but I've been on Creary for about six months and I've made over $20. CREA is the main token.

LBRY - A decentralized video social media platform. Sign in every 24 hours, watch a video, get rewards. Do you publish videos? Get rewards for every verified user who views your content. You can sync all of your video content from YouTube to LBRY very easily as well. - I sometimes let this site run on my old desktop (on Cryptotab for added bitcoin rewards - more info below) and I get a bit of TFUEL as a result. The NASA channel is 24/7 so that's best option in my experience if you want to set-it and forget it. Also space stuff right.


Free Crypto (Web Surfing)


PREsearch - I've been using this search engine for over a year now and have yet to withdraw. Super simple to use and I love how you can add different sites to search off the jump instead of everything straight to Google or DuckDuckGo.

Brave Browser - Everybody and their fucking grandmother's babysitter from 1905 has Brave now so if you don't use this then what are you doing. I've found the rewards have significantly decreased over the last month or so. Best privacy browser and no ads or tracking. Eat it Google.

CryptoTab Browser - Some people hate this one, and I agree that it sucks. BUT if you're like me and have an old desktop collecting dust, it may as well be collecting crypto dust too for virtually no electricity cost.

Swash - If you're cool with some of your data being collected (you control how much to share), this little browser extension is another way to monetize it. Paid out in DATA, the rewards are pretty shit but it's another set-it and forget-it type thing so I guess something is better than nothing?


Free Crypto (Faucets)


QoinPro - A sign-up and forget about it faucet. I wrote an article about it a while back. Rewards are pretty shitty, but signing up and letting it sit might just help your great grand-children go to college one day who the fuck knows.

Litecoin Miner - Another sign-up and forget about it faucet. It's free and if you login at least once a month, she just keeps rolling so why the fuck not.

CoinPot Faucets - Most faucets are shit, but these are the best. Can be claimed every 5-15 minutes, gives out crypto and coinpot token which can be redeemed for any of the cryptos listed below. Don't ever underestimate the power of cryptocurrency faucets.

MoonBitcoin - Bitcoin rewards obvi.

MoonCash - Bitcoin Cash rewards obvi. Fucking captchas.

MoonDogecoin - Dogecoin rewards much obvi. So ads.

MoonLitecoin - Pretty self explanatory at this point.

MoonDash - Dash rewards. Not to be confused with DashMoon which is something completely different.


Free Crypto (Mining Rewards)


Banano Folding - Banano is the next Doge. You heard it here first. The rewards are decent and you contribute to science. Win win. This article explains how to set it up. I currently have this automatically running in the background of my old desktop.

Banano BoomPow - Shouts to the homie Mynima for reminding me of this alternative way to earn Banano rewards. I've used it a few times myself but for the specs of my desktop the folding is a better option. This article explains how it's done.

PegNet - I have a little raspberry pi 4 that I am currently running 24/7 to mine PegNet. The rewards are pretty minimal (aka shit), but the raspi uses practically zero electricity and I like the project. I have tried quite a lot of things on the raspi and so far for me this one is the best because of the rewards and how simple/easy it is to setup.

Idena - I originally learned about Idena from this article. "Proof of human" blockchain where you start earning rewards 24/7 once you get validated. Their ultimate vision might include some sort of UBI. Every two weeks you need to participate in a validation to prove you're human in order to continue to receive the rewards. I currently run this using a Vultr VPS.

Coinbase Earn - I know this doesn't count as mining, but it didn't fit anywhere else. Not as passive as the others listed above, but every now and then you can watch short little videos about crypto projects, answer questions, and you're gifted free crypto tokens. Learning is sexy. The link is for $10 worth of free XLM. Pretty stellar, huh? There are currently ten different tokens you can earn on here.






That's it for part one of the series. I will include links to the other parts near the top of each article once I publish them so depending on when you're reading this sentence, it might be future-tense or it might be past-tense, but it will most definitely not be in-tense because that's just crazy if you take away the hyphen. So be on the lookout for those pesky hyphens.

If you've found this article helpful in away way and you think other people might benefit from it as well, I would greatly appreciate it if you would like the article and post a comment to fondle the algorithm a little bit so more people will be able to benefit from this series as well. If you've hated the article and for some honourable reason you're still reading at this point, please down-vote the article and tell me why in the comments because I welcome criticism so that I may improve my future articles. And keep in mind that we all know the thumbnail is in very bad taste but just know that Vitalik might appreciate the little things in life like cars, intimacy, and poor photoshop.

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