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First things first!
Got four payments already withdrawn into my Binance (three payments) and ExpressCrypto (one payment) accounts in just two weeks of starting on this site because the minimum withdrawal limit is only 1000 FC coins and you can make it in a few days if you are regular.
(UPDATE 09 - APRIL - 2021) I already got 10 withdrawals into my accounts, I made all this in under one month without doing offers and Shortlinks. But yes its true that I started doing two to four shortlinks everyday after 21st March. Check the screen shot of payment proof at the bottom of this post.   
Completing tasks earn you rewards in Coins that I want to call FC Coins just for the sake of explaining these coins.
These coins are the currency of FaucitCrypto and have a fixed price in dollars and do not follow the price fluctuation of cryptocurrencies.
The following list will explain what types of tasks you can complete on FaucetCrypto.
Faucet  Claim: 
Every  40  minutes  you  can  get  coins.  This  is  the  classic  task  that  exists  in  all  the  faucets.  You  need  to  wait  for  a  few  seconds  and  then  click  to  get  your  reward.  The  best  part  about  this  site  is  the  Experience  Points  and  the  level  increase  because  with  level  increase  your  reward  grows  also.
Daily  Visit  Reward: 
Every  day  you  get  25  coins  if  you  are  regular.  Don't  forget  to  click  and  collect  this  reward  on  daily  basis  and  don't  forget  the  level  percentage  added  to  it  and  you  can  have  a  handsome  reward  when  you  reach  levels  above  100.
Ptc  Advertisements: 
You  will  watch  advertised  websites.  If  you  get  interested  in  the  website,  you  may  visit  it  later  but  here  the  timer  is  a  little  longer  than  other  sites.  I  found  two-time  frames;  One  is  40  seconds  and  the  other  is  16  seconds  but  the  pay  is  good  so  no  need  to  worry  about  that.  Just  remember  this  is  Active  Window  Time.
These  tasks  can  make  a  lot  of  coins  and  money  if  you  are  willing  to  put  time  and  effort  into  it,  instead  of  doing  all  these  tasks  on  any  other  site  with  a  huge  withdrawal  limit.  Here  you  will  open  a  panel  where  you  can  do  several  different  tasks,  from  watching  videos  to  downloading  applications.
In  simple  words,  I  do  not  trust  short  link  tasks,  it  doesn't  matter  what  site  they  are  on.  So  I  don't  recommend  you  do  these  tasks  here  also.
(Update  as  of  21-March-2021,  I  decided  to  check  the  shortlinks  on  this  site  and  was  actually  impressed.  I  did  many  links  and  had  no  issue.  I  think  it  is  safe  to  say  that  I  was  wrong  about  the  links  on  this  site.  You  can  try  also  but  always  be  careful  and  check  what  you  are  clicking  because  sometimes  they  hide  adds  in  buttons  that  look  the  same  as  what  you  are  supposed  to  click.  So  look  at  the  page  carefully  and  then  click  the  "real"  button). 
Referral  Commissions:
you  get  a  20%  referral  commission  on  each  referral  that  clicks  your  referral  link  and  joins  this  site.
You can join this site using my referral link if you feel I am doing a good job by spreading the news of this kind of legit sites.
You can withdraw your FC coins in any of the 20 listed coins at whatever the rate is at that moment. 
1- Bitcoin Cash (BCH)       
2- Bitcoin Sv (BSV)               
3- Bitcoin (BTC)               
4- Bittorrent (BTT)                 
5- Dash                             
6- Digibyte (DGB)
7- Dogecoin (Doge)         
8- Ethereum Classic (ETC)     
9- Ethereum (ETH)         
10- Komodo (KMD)               
11- Litecoin (LTC)             
12- Piratecash (PIRATE)
13- Pivx (PIVX)                 
14- Reddcoin (RDD)               
15- Ravencoin (RVN)       
16- Syscoin (SYS)                   
17-Tron (TRX)                   
18- Verge (XVG)
19- Zcash (ZEC)               
20- Horizen (ZEN)
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Reviews of Online Paying Sites
Reviews of Online Paying Sites

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